crash into

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crash into (someone or something)

To collide with someone or something, often violently. Another driver ignored a red light and crashed into us in the middle of the intersection. He didn't see the dining room table and crashed right into it.
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crash into someone or something

to bump or ram into someone or something accidentally or roughly. The student crashed into the door when it opened suddenly. The car crashed into a bus.
See also: crash
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Instead of lamenting how readily the tips of their scanning tunneling microscopes (STMs) crash into and damage underlying samples, a group of researchers has figured out how to exploit those crashes to build precise, atom-scale structures, including fences made of straight lines of silver atoms.
Also, for every large commercial airliner that crashes into water (or on land), several hundred airplanes, with a seating capacity of less than 10, crash into oceans, lakes, and rivers.
In fact, small chunks of space rocks, called meteoroids, continually crash into Earth's atmosphere.
"I don't think most people really believed [comets could crash into planets] until they saw it happen," says Carolyn Shoemaker, a planetary astronomer at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona.