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So fierce was their meeting that their spears shivered up to the very grasp, and the horses reared backwards until it seemed that they must crash down upon their riders.
The avalanche had shaken and slid a little forward, but it did not yet crash down.
Then the strange sucks would grip my legs and drag me under, to spout me up in some fierce boiling, where, even as I tried to catch my breath, a great whitecap would crash down upon my head.
Gales of up to 75mph tore across the region this morning, causing a tree to fall on a house extension in Pencoed, and another 60ft tree to crash down in Whitchurch, Cardiff.
Leo Gattenio, 73, of West Hills had an ash tree crash down in front of his Sausalito Avenue home.
One wrong move and the whole shebang will crash down on you.
In Berlin, the practice chose to emphasize the rocky verticality of their country: the only one in Scandinavia to have significant mountains - awesome places of the north in which vast cliffs of igneous and metamorphic rock crash down into the prodigiously deep, icy green waters of the fjords.
Our DEs crash down into the C gaps, while the inside LBs carry out an X blitz into the B gaps.
There was no comment or recognition by the Mormon church, and it was my family and the gay community that was my lifeline as the world seemed to crash down around me,'' she said.
Take the closing ``Adventures in Wonderland,'' a brutal rap poem by Ursula Rucker in which she details a woman's plight up from the ghettos to the top of a fool's-paradise prostitute's glory, only to crash down into poverty and the loss of respect from her family.