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A police spokeswoman said: "We can confirm Police Scotland are assisting the Maritime Coastguard Agency following a report of a light aircraft crash around 3.
Two students, one of them in a lifethreatening condition, were airlifted to hospital from the site of the crash around 11am.
Then another motorist was killed in a sevenvehicle crash around 9.
Characters fall off ladders, bump and crash around while spitting and burping in each other's faces.
Nolan, spokesman for the Massachusetts State Police, said a trooper heading to work at the Athol barracks to begin his shift came upon the fatal crash around 10:15 p.
The crash around Amber Lake near Trapper Creek, 80 miles (130 kilometers) north of Anchorage, came nearly three weeks after another in-flight collision that remarkably left the 13 people aboard the two aircraft unhurt.
Casey Anthony also told her mother that the Caylee Anthony's biological father died in a car crash around the child's second birthday.
There was an almighty crash around the corner near a path that leads to the Tyne.
The crash around 5pm EDT (10pm BST) occurred on the system's red line, Metro's busiest, Fire Chief Dennis Rubin said rescue workers had treated 70 people at the scene.
It is as damaging to stand blindly in the way of progress as it is to unthinkingly allow our heritage to crash around our ears.
I have a dreadful feeling, Ireland's and Brian Kerr's world will crash around them tonight when they are held to a draw (9/2).
City fire crews called to the scene of a traffic crash around 6 p.
A fleet of ambulances ferried the casualties to Heartlands and City hospitals after the crash around 3.
There were five men travelling in the white Seat Ibiza, all aged between 18 and 20, before the crash around 10.
html) NBC Philadelphia reported that 34 year old, "Jackass" star Ryan Dunn, died in a car crash around 230am, Monday morning, when his "Porsche shot through about 40 yards of trees before it hit the last one and exploded into flames" according to Officer Geiger of the West Goshen Township police in Pennsylvania.