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THE leader of Luton council yesterday dismissed the town's new title of "crappiest" in the country as "a load of nonsense".
Martin "has gone all lefty and of the crappiest neutralist kind," Kingsley Amis writes in 1986 to his friend Robert Conquest, the great historian of Stalin's terror, "challenging me to guess how many times over the world can destroy itself....
Hull has emerged as a strong contender as "the crappiest town in Britain" after residents voted in large numbers to ensure the city came out on top.
The local library in my small village on Cape Cod is (a) filled with the crappiest authors on earth (Janet Dailey, Judith Krantz, Belva Plain, etc.), novels, by the way, which (b) were ordered for the most part by people who do not buy books--needless to say, there's a connection between the two.
This is where we come in, the Golden Kelas, striving to celebrate the best of the worst, the finest of the crappiest, and the gooiest kelas in the whole filmy bunch!"
IT was once voted Britain's 'crappiest town' but Clint Newton won't have a word said against Hull.
Even on a freezing night after the crappiest day, as I slipped on the ice and was lying on my driveway wondering if I'd broken my back, I still managed a laugh.
We stayed in the crappiest Motel 6's so nobody on the team would get comfortable chilling at the hotel.
Paul White, 55, told him: "I'm the crappiest burglar in the land" as he flailed around on the window sill.
The leader of Luton council yesterday dismissed the town's new title of 'crappiest' in the country as 'a load of nonsense'.
Houser said she plans to eventually write the family of her donor, to let them know "that their crappiest day was my best one.
Mitchell Gossett of Culver City's Bottom's Dream, the weekend's co-producer with Wochner, kicked things off Thursday by asking, "Why struggle alone when we can struggle together?" Given Ehn's observation that "even the biggest theatre in the world is still the crappiest capitalistic enterprise," and Cameron's later comments that play-makers of every stripe must "assert the integrity of what we do," Gossett's rhetorical query emerged as the main theme of the conference: We're in an age where all theatres are RAT theatres - whether they realize it or not.
By far the crappiest were those faceless showroom dummies, although to be fair it was nice to see Adam Rickett back in work so soon.
In 1979, the week Dr Hook were at No.1 with When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman - one of the crappiest No.1s in history - the show was watched by almost 20million viewers.
Jesus probably wanted a space hopper or a Chopper bike, but I'd say he undoubtedly received one of the crappiest presents ever...