crapped out

crap out

1. To lose on a roll of dice while playing craps (a gambling game). I had hoped to win some money tonight, but I crapped out pretty quickly.
2. rude slang Of a machine, to malfunction or break altogether. I'm afraid the blender is crapping out. It stopped working again today. She didn't come to the party because her car crapped out on the way here.
3. rude slang To break one's commitment to someone or something. He said that he would go to the birthday party with us but then crapped out at the last minute.
4. rude slang To die. I felt so sick when I had food poisoning that I thought I was going to crap out.
See also: crap, out

crapped (out)

mod. dead; finished. (Not prenominal. From dice, not from the other senses of crap.) After a serious encounter with a rattlesnake, my two dogs were crapped by dawn.
See also: crap, out
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Some branches of the crap tree are related to the game of craps, such as crapped out and crapshoot, and the Internet has spawned a few new variations, like e-crap (just what it sounds like) and craplet (a Java applet of really poor quality).