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Given the high complaint-quotient of nearly any conversation, it's not hard to understand the popularity of crap.
The gap and crap strategy, however, only carried Jones for so long.
Because it is those people - not the fans in Asia - who have priced many of them out of grounds, meaning they can no longer afford to smell the hot dogs or step in the horse crap.
If that record helps rid Africa of this hellish plague then who cares if it's crap.
Crap Cars, by Richard Porter, is published by BBC Books on Thursday October 14, pounds 9.
I want to play first-team football'' - I'm too crap to play for the club I am at, I am looking for a crapper club.
Mulhern, who has a reputation as a no-nonsense tough-talking boss, said: "The profile and image of the British Transport Police is crap and awful.
SO OUT OF TUNE So many people are carping about the Band Aid record saying it's crap, the singing's awful and it reinforces "patronising and offensive cliches" about Africa.
com is an internet site featuring crap that sells and sells like crazy online.
Especially such a trivial, trite and tiresome book as 'The Idler Book Of Crap Towns'.
You'll never know what other people think about it until it's too late, which is why you should think twice about sending stuff for review (especially if you think it's crap, because if you think it's crap it's a sure bet I will).
Crap, which stands for creativity, relationships, attitude and planning, is used by the agency's Entrepreneurship Action Plan to show what attributes, conditions and support mechanisms are needed to create a more entrepreneurial society.
Michael Moore 9 (9)Crap Towns: The Top 50 Crap Towns of Britain 10 (8)The Book Of Bunny Suicides, Andy Riley