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I would think twice before saying crap during a job interview, but I would think ten times before saying shit in the same circumstance.
It's a game of two halves'' - We were crap in the first half, the manager gave us a rollicking at half-time so we played much better.
It's a delightful video version of a live craps table, and we're happy people are enjoying their experiences with it.
The attendees at NIMA's annual meeting in Vegas are high rollers, but they're not here to shoot craps.
And I used to make a lot of money, when I first started, just playing gap and crap.
And when she and "Mama" Morton yodel a duet about the lack of class in their modern world, they lament in raunchy lyrics, "Holy crap, holy crap.
Once you admit affiliation," he complains, "you get into all that Stalinist crap.
The answer was to call in Joe Shoemaker, hardnosed Republican state legislator, a lawyer and ex-Navy man who, as he says of himself, doesn't take any crap from anybody.
SO OUT OF TUNE So many people are carping about the Band Aid record saying it's crap, the singing's awful and it reinforces "patronising and offensive cliches" about Africa.
Mr Cameron allegedly said: "We've got to get rid of all this green crap.
This obsession, rife among the middle-classes as well as in lower socio-economic environs, dictates that we buy crap, we eat crap, and the crap we don't eat (because it's crap), we throw away with the rest of the crap.
I expected to take a lot of crap for being a girl on a board, but I have been really amazed at how supportive and encouraging the skate community has been.
I'm used to hearing crap and, when they first told me about Cullum, I thought he'd be no different,' said the swing-smoocher.
The German-produced favourite was named the ``crappest car'' in Britain in a new book entitled Crap Cars.
HULL may have been voted worst out of 50 ``crap towns'' in the Idler Book of Crap Towns (Boxtree),but that hasn't deterred the city from splashing pounds 45mon a project claimed to be the world's first ``submarium'' -a giant aquarium built under the sea.