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Consider using an online bank, since most don't have minimum balance requirements or account fees and they'll let you name the account almost anything you'd like (although anything stronger than the word "crap" might get you a "tut tut -- let's keep it clean" auto-response from the bank).
I am the figurehead of Crap Towns and if I visit and the book is proved wrong, then that's bad for me but good for Nuneaton.
Tweet: MP Aidan Burley, left, called the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony 'leftie crap'
He fixed me with an expression that was a blend of disdain and disbelief, then barked: "Yam full of crap, yam am."
Gareth added: "Crap days out are part of what British people are."
But he sealed his ignoble departure from the helm of his family business when, during a speech to the Institute of Directors in 1991, he derided the cut-price jeweller's products as "total crap".
The classic book he co-authored with Charles Weingarten, Teaching as a Subversive Activity, (Delacorte Press, 1969) discusses crap detection as fundamental to learning.
According to Labour MP Harry Cohen, the Deputy Prime Minister said Bush had been "crap" on the Middle East road map and was just a "cowboy with his Stetson on".
He fondly anticipates an upcoming trip to Cuba, for example, writing that he's eager to visit before Castro dies and the country is "flooded with American consumer crap. "At one point, he writes that there's little difference between the line to get a burger at the Moscow McDonald's and the lines to get government-issued food in the former Soviet Union.
A new book aims to help change the image of Luton, a town in southeast England, after it featured in a list of "crap towns" last year.
Also, as honorary life president of the Amrullah Appreciation Society (international branch), I must take exception to his description of our hero as ``champion crap horse''.
NOT that he's one for humble pie but you wonder if Roy Keane might retract his 'You were a crap player, you're a crap manager' rant at Mick McCarthy now?
Live Aid supremo Bob Geldof is sick of the "crap" of charity records in the campaign against Third World poverty, he admitted yesterday.
WHILE reading about Rhodri Giggs this week, this column got thinking about crap brothers who failed to live up to a famous name.
Though there are usually many varieties of crap cluttering my brain, I started thinking about crap as a word only after visiting my old friend Darrell and his family.