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Cranking Software has been extremely successful in the physician dispensing market with its MDScripts and private branded software; currently controlling a large majority of the country's physician dispensing business.
Physiological responses to maximal exercise on arm cranking and wheelchair ergometer with paraplegics.
When cranking wings up or down, we make sure our goggles are down over our eyes.
I took over cranking from the `shooter and the canopy slowly came down to the rail.
that 'Consumers who are cranking up their air conditioning may think electric companies are in store for a bonanza.
Though they've only been there a week, with the smell of new carpet still permeating the air, the production line already cranking out subwoofers and studio monitors.
LOS ANGELES -- Cranking Media, LLC[TM], founded by direct response and media buying experts Drew Kossoff and Scott Rewick, is poised to quickly establish itself as one of the leading performance-based advertising agencies in the U.
Several studies evaluated the metabolic response and race performance of handbike athletes [1-2], investigated the influence of different cadence strategies in hand cycling [3], and compared asynchronous and synchronous cranking during hand cycling [4-6].
Whether you're snapping photos of your pet or spending a night with friends, cranking lets you spice up your pictures," said PhotoCrank CEO Jeffrey Tannenbaum.
Keep cranking the engine while setting the FLAME HEATER switch to ON for one second and to OFF for one second until the tachometer reads at least 300 rpm.
He also notes that while automakers are talking about 42-v systems, some of these so-called "tuner" cars have a second battery installed just for cranking up the audio amps.
CASTAIC - When the thermometer hits 102 in Woodland Hills and residents are cranking up their air conditioners, that's when the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power's Castaic Power Plant gets the call.