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(as) busy as a beaver (building a new dam)

Very busy, assiduous, or hardworking. The phrase refers to beavers' reputation for being extremely industrious. Between working two part-time jobs, volunteering on the weekends, and looking after his little brother, Sam's been busy as a beaver this summer. I've been as busy as a beaver building a new dam this year. I've had almost no free time!
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*busy as a beaver (building a new dam)

 and *busy as a bee; *busy as a one-armed paperhanger; *busy as Grand Central Station; *busy as a cat on a hot tin roof; *busy as a fish peddler in Lent; *busy as a cranberry merchant (at Thanksgiving); *busy as popcorn on a skillet
very busy. (*Also: as ~.) My boss keeps me as busy as a one-armed paperhanger. I don't have time to talk to you. I'm as busy as a beaver. When the tourist season starts, this store is busy as Grand Central Station. Sorry I can't go to lunch with you. I'm as busy as a beaver building a new dam. Prying into other folks' business kept him busy as popcorn on a skillet.
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busy as a beaver

Also, busy as a bee. Hardworking, very industrious, as in With all her activities, Sue is always busy as a bee, or Bob's busy as a beaver trying to finish painting before it rains. The comparison to beavers dates from the late 1700s, the variant from the late 1300s. Also see eager beaver; work like a beaver.
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That shimmy that the cranberry sauce makes owes itself to the pectin released in the process of cooking the berries.
Another potential weakness of the study was that the participants were not advised to consume liquid with the cranberry capsules.
Note to editors: For more information, news, and perspectives from Cranberry Dental Care, journalists and analysts may call 724.
The results from this study suggest the influence of cranberry extract on the hydrophobic properties of bacterial surface could be diverse and may depend on the properties of individual E.
A major study found that elderly women prone to urinary tract infections who drank 300 ml of undiluted cranberry juice per day had lower levels of harmful bacteria in their urine.
5-7) Researchers who studied a small group of healthy Danish women (nine in total) observed a marked increase in the subjects' plasma antioxidant activity about one to two hours after they drank 500 mL (about 16 ounces) of cranberry juice.
In fact, some of those pioneer cranberry bogs are still producing berries after more than a century.
Cheese eaten together with fruit has since become customary in Yorkshire, the home of Real Yorkshire Wensleydale and with its striking colour and fruity taste, the cranberry adds a modern twist to the traditional product.
Cranberry, American cranberry, bog cranberry, kronsbeere, marsh apple, moosebeere, preisselbeere (Braun 2005, NIH 2005).
Cranberry juice, which has long been touted as a preventive measure to decrease urinary tract infections (UTIs), does appear to be effective, according to an analysis of studies published in the January issue of Cochrane Systematic Reviews.
Who would think that something so little as a cranberry could yield so many health benefits?
The Pilgrims gave them the name "crane berry" because their small, pink blossoms resembled the head and bill of a Sandhill crane--through usage eventually they came to be called a cranberry.