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cram for (something)

To study for a test shortly before it is to happen. You might have gotten a higher grade if you didn't cram for that exam at the last minute.
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cram into (something)

To shove something into something else (which often cannot contain or accommodate it). A noun or pronoun can be used between "cram" and "into." I tried to cram a jacket into my suitcase, but it just wouldn't fit. We were thrilled to reach our destination after being crammed into a tiny car with each other for hours.
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cram with (someone or something)

To fill something with more than it can reasonably hold or accommodate. A noun or pronoun can be used between "cram" and "with." Because this room is just totally crammed with people, we're moving everyone into the auditorium. I had crammed my suitcase with so much stuff that I couldn't get it to close.
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cram for an examination

 and cram for a test
Fig. to study very hard for an exam. I have to go cram fora test now. If you would study during the school term, you would not have to cram.
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cram someone or something into something

 and cram someone or something in
to stuff or crush someone or something into something. Can you really cram seven kids into that car? He crammed in his clothes and closed the drawer.
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cram someone or something with someone or something

to fill someone or something by stuffing with someone or something. You won't be happy till you cram all of us with cake and ice cream. He crammed his drawer with his socks.
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in. to study hard at the last minute for a test. If you would study all the time, you wouldn’t need to cram.
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At Liverpool, Lean Ar Aghaidh (Stan Mellor/Denis Gray), third in the Grand National three years ago, wins the Fox Hunters' Chase from Crammer (David Murray-Smith/John Durkan).
ECG Roll Dispo for Cardiar 6208 model, ECG Electrodes, Air Seal drain for chest tube, Scalp vein set all size, Formalin solution, Phenyl packed in 1 litre, Spirit isopropyl 400ml, SSD Ointment 250gm, Thrombophob ointment, Thermometer Clinical, Crammer Wire Splint Adult / Paed diff.
Systems include cutter-compactors, force-feed crammer silos, single-screw recycling extruders, screen changers, and water-ring and underwater pelletizers.
Former officers at the Northumberland jail Nick Bennett and Martin Crammer are bringing proceedings for unfair dismissal over an incident at Castington on March 10,2007.
Musically I like everything from R&B and hip hop to a bit of Oasis, The Fray, Michael Buble - you'd be surprised" Boxer James de Gale "I'm not a crammer, I'm not an academic.
Presumably, Viafara spent the next 48 hours at a crammer doing a crash course in Cockney rhyming slang because Redknapp picked him in the starting 11 last night.
The inlet for feeding the powder premixture is designed so that the material can flow freely into the screw channel without a crammer feeder.
We will look at the advice given by the barrister, and decide on whether to appeal based on those recommendations," said sports solicitor Richard Crammer, who is involved in the transfer of papers to the QC.
Felice Crammer, now 56-years-old and living in Coral Springs, Florida, first returned to school in 1990 after being out of high school since 1961.
0mm, cancellous, Connecting rods, Crammer wire ladder splint, Denham~s pins etc.
PTi Trident series CCF crammer feeders available in models CCF-3500, 4500, 6000 and 8000 (3.
On Whittle Dene the northern and lower lakes are producing the best results, with the best catch this week going to Bob Crammer with a fine 20lb catch of skimmers.
A Tory think-tank proposal that children should be made to stay on for another year at primary school or attend a special summer crammer course if their reading, writing and arithmetic skills are not up to scratch will probably go down well at the Conservative Party conference.
5 to 8 inches and can be customized with a fluff crammer and inline trim repelletizing system.