cram with

cram with (someone or something)

To fill something with more than it can reasonably hold or accommodate. A noun or pronoun can be used between "cram" and "with." Because this room is just totally crammed with people, we're moving everyone into the auditorium. I had crammed my suitcase with so much stuff that I couldn't get it to close.
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cram someone or something with someone or something

to fill someone or something by stuffing with someone or something. You won't be happy till you cram all of us with cake and ice cream. He crammed his drawer with his socks.
See also: cram
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DEDICATED Kielder Marathon founder and Olympic flame carrier Steve Cram with Angela Telford who carried the Olympic flame through Hexham and who plans to run the marathon this year.
LIFEBLOOD OF SPORTS Steve Cram with Jimmy Hedley at Monkton Athletics Stadium in 1989.
When Balding even presented Cram with a pair of red shorts emblazoned with a heart on Valentine's Night, I had to hide under the duvet in horror and embarrassment (although I suspect this is not a relationship which is going to blossom).
Our simulation presented students who cram with the opportunity to feel good.
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