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(as) crafty as a fox

Exceptionally clever, cunning, or shrewd, especially in devious or underhanded ways. He thought he was being crafty as a fox in the way he had been skimming money from the cash registers, but management caught up with him eventually. The novel centers around the cat-and-mouse chase between a police detective and a thief who is as crafty as a fox. She may come off as nothing but smiles and sunshine, but trust me—she's crafty as a fox!
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crafty devil

A devious, cunning, or mischievous person. Tabloid reporters are such crafty devils, spinning people's personal problems into sensationalist stories. He's a crafty devil in business, cleverly negotiating deals with and between companies that would normally be in fierce competition with one another.
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Crafty Devil has also been named Untappd's top-rated brewery in Wales.
The Crafty Kitchen, founded in October 2014, recently won the title of 'Best Cafe' at The Oman Restaurant Awards 2015.
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Genesis Crafty is a modern family bakery owned and run by the six McErlain brothers: Originally set up by their parents in 1968 as a simple home bakery, just over four decades later Genesis Crafty is a multi-million Pound enterprise with the same homemade, traditional and artisan values.
the party who will be more crafty and more successful economically," Papyan said.
Discovery Kids' new animated series CRAFTY KIDS CLUB serves up a big bowl of creative imagination.
CRAFTY Cockney Eric Bristow was a violent teenage thug who burgled dozens of homes, battered a man senseless with a pub pool cue and chairs...
Andrew partnered with web software specialists Crafty Devil to complete the project - allowing him to benefit not only from the company's technical expertise, but Crafty Devil's strong commercial background too.
Drink, browse and shop at Crafty Coffee on April 14.
The 24-year-old singer also said that she had to be "creative and crafty" when she was younger as her family had no money.
The space had been occupied by Casual Corner and, more recently, Arty Crafty. Arty Crafty is moving to the space previously used by B.
Any sewer who wants crafts that don't necessarily conform to traditional patterns and rules will find Crafty Chica's Guide to Artful Sewing a key attraction.