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rude slang An acronym for "can't remember a fucking thing," a phrase used when one has difficulty remembering things. Ugh, CRAFT! I'm so sorry I forgot your birthday!

sense of craft

Skill and reverence for making or creating something in a meaningful, original, or artistic way. That textile designer has a strong sense of craft—she's very sound technically and tells an important story through her work. There's no sense of craft in filmmaking today—it's all superhero movies or sequels to existing superhero movies.
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A: Crafting often gets passed down from generation to generation.
In general, crafting and hobbies bring people together.
Missy Root, vice president of list management at American List Counsel, agrees: "With the Martha Stewart era in full force, more and more people are taking it upon themselves to do home decorating." How-to TV shows, magazines and books have made it possible for just about anyone to get into crafting.
With no real focus, this group typically is not as serious about crafting. Other offers are geared toward a specific craft such as sewing, painting, cooking or gardening.
"Crafting is based on clutter," said Jon Muir, buyer at Michael's, a national 417-store, craft specialty chain.
"Home decor projects are certainly a driving force in the crafting industry," said Susan Brandt, assistant executive director of the HIA, pointing to the cocooning trend that has consumers devoting more attention to their homes.