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(as) crafty as a fox

Exceptionally clever, cunning, or shrewd, especially in devious or underhanded ways. He thought he was being crafty as a fox in the way he had been skimming money from the cash registers, but management caught up with him eventually. The novel centers around the cat-and-mouse chase between a police detective and a thief who is as crafty as a fox. She may come off as nothing but smiles and sunshine, but trust me—she's crafty as a fox!
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crafty devil

A devious, cunning, and/or mischievous person. ("Devil" here is not intended to indicate an evil or malevolent person, but rather to emphasize "crafty.") Tabloid reporters are such crafty devils, spinning people's personal problems into sensationalist stories. He's a crafty devil in business, cleverly negotiating deals with and between companies that would normally be in fierce competition with one another.
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The referendum is being craftily used by the ruling party to consolidate their position in British politics - whatever the result Rennie Ku, Liverpool 18
He has arrived at a seat- sharing arrangement with the BJP after craftily nuanced negotiations to ensure that his party is a force to reckon with in both states after Andhra Pradesh's bifurcation on June 2, and equally respected in Delhi as an influential constituent of the National Democratic Alliance.
As performed by the ensemble, Ravel's craftily lighthearted, slightly melancholic music revels in countless colours, enchants the listener with airiness, Gallic charm and panache, fascinates with remarkable sensitivity, which mostly merely vents itself in tender oscillations yet now and then surprises with unexpected intensity.
In the run-up to the last election the Tories were always careful to specify which pensioners' benefits they would not scrap but very craftily always failed to mention prescription charges.
But the researchers had craftily inserted information on people's weight.
Villa grabbed the lead with 31 minutes gone after Michael Drennan craftily lobbed Jak Alnwick after a long ball was pumped into the box.
Some chose to craftily escape their Obli-Cations: One third called in sick for their mandatory travels, with another 30% using 'too much work' as an excuse to stay-put.
PNN "The complicated situation in Syria is ever more obfuscated by myriad forces at work to destroy the friend of Iran and the foe of is evident that the Zionist plot has been craftily devised to involve a military intervention in Syria and turn the country into chaos and ruins." Dr.
The result of a collaboration of three female songwriters - Sarah Blasko, Sally Seltmann and Holly Throsby - have indulged themselves in their own craftily spun hush soundscape.
On what has all the makings of being his personal equivalent to Bruce Springsteen's "The Promise," Cohen craftily addresses betrayal, mortality and his latter-day money woes on "Darkness." He comes to terms with the fact that human nature, desire and life, in general, usually fall short and come shrouded in darkness, Cohen coldly states, "I got no future/I know my days are few/The present's not that pleasant/Just a lot of things to do/I thought the past would last me/But the darkness got that too." Despite Cohen looking into the deep, dark abyss, a lively mix of swirling organs, plucky guitars and the incomparable vocal blend of Sharon Robinson and The Webb Sisters makes the proceedings sound like a celebration rather than
THE GEFFEN CONTEMPORARY AT MOCA * April 8-July 30 * Curated by Philipp Kaiser and Miwon Kwon Though sometimes superficially portrayed as a collective flight from the mediating structures of cosmopolitan culture, the Land art movement was from its beginnings a wildly heterogeneous range of practices that often craftily exploited the very systems they appeared to critique or eschew.
Jones also takes issue with the notion that Scott's journal was craftily edited to bolster the myth.
His proposal would include Democratic priorities like new revenue as well as Republican goals like cuts to Medicare and Social Security, but McConnell slammed the move as an attempt by Obama to craftily expand government.
Bold and bolshie, brash, cunning and cautious Whilst craftily creeping on bloated belly to the raucous Blackbird greedily feeding on the worm-holed lawn.
Craftily changing the title of London Is The Reason to Cardiff Is The Reason was the first of many things Gallows did to give back to the fans.