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can't remember a fucking thing

rude slang Has difficulty remembering anything; forgets a lot of things. Geez, I can't remember a fucking thing these days! I'm so sorry I forgot your birthday!
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rude slang An acronym for "can't remember a fucking thing," a phrase used when one has difficulty remembering things. Ugh, CRAFT! I'm so sorry I forgot your birthday!

sense of craft

Skill and reverence for making or creating something in a meaningful, original, or artistic way. That textile designer has a strong sense of craft—she's very sound technically and tells an important story through her work. There's no sense of craft in filmmaking today—it's all superhero movies or sequels to existing superhero movies.
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can’t remember a fucking thing

phr. & comp. abb. a phrase said when one’s memory fails. (Usually objectionable.) Gee, I’m getting old. CRAFT. What’s your name, again? I can’t remember a fucking thing!
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Every month we provide sales reports so that our crafters know what's selling best."
Cbeyond replaced its existing Web content management system with Crafter as part of a website rebranding effort to provide a far more dynamic, engaging Web experience flexible enough to integrate with various internal content systems.
Hey Kessy Messy Washi Party is like a get-together for crafters, makers, and washi lovers.
Most crafters have some sort of "specialty." Terrie's is flowers.
A NEW Volkswagen Crafter van will be going on sale in August with the company claiming reduced running costs and class-leading fuel economy of up to 38.7mpg.
They are coming together for economic, social and artistic support with groups like the Queer Etsy Street Team ( and Washington D.C.'s Queer Crafter Collective ( as well as girl-powered craft mafias from New Orleans to Baltimore.
Leading insulated bodybuilder, RVL has completed the insulated conversion of five new Volkswagen Crafter Panel Vans.
ONE of the most familiar faces in light haulage is on the way out following the announcement by Volkswagen that the highly successful LT model is to be replaced by an all new range of light commercials named the Volkswagen Crafter.
Increasingly, scrapbook pages are coming out of crafter's books and are being given as personalized gifts, creating a unique niche market for the flaming industry.
The crafts market today is a bit more complicated than in the past, so put any stereotypical "grandma crafter" ideas aside.
From the survey results, the HIA describes the average crafter as married and living in larger households, with children under 18 at home.