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can’t remember a fucking thing

phr. & comp. abb. a phrase said when one’s memory fails. (Usually objectionable.) Gee, I’m getting old. CRAFT. What’s your name, again? I can’t remember a fucking thing!
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D'apres la meme source, le nouveau Crafter adopte un style sans surprise mais c'est plutot son contenu technologique qui surprend en lisant sa fiche technique.
The book is aimed at younger crafters, but adults who have kids to craft for might enjoy it, too.
Every month we provide sales reports so that our crafters know what's selling best.
It is also about helping foster an encouraging, happy community for crafters and makers.
You'll also meet dozens of other crafters who all started somewhere and are willing to help you free your inner crafter.
Rivet Logic explains Crafter Studio consists of a wide range of features for marketers and other content editors, including WYSIWYG authoring, in-context preview, mobile device authoring/ preview, workflow, marketing analytics, multichannel publishing, CRM and e-commerce integration, etc.
The Crafter will be available in a choice of three wheelbases, three roof heights, four body lengths and three gross vehicle weights
The five new high roof Crafters joining WVC's extensive fleet will be used as contract hire vans.
The arrival of the new Crafter next year will complete the renewal of the entire Volkswagen light commercial vehicle range.
From the survey results, the HIA describes the average crafter as married and living in larger households, with children under 18 at home.
1%, The Game Crafter Sanity Accolade, The Game Crafter Artwork Accolade, and The Game Crafter Tiberium Seller Accolade.
Mixed Media Portraits: Techniques for Drawing and Painting Faces is a recommendation for any crafter looking to expand their mixed media projects and abilities, and uses an easy face-mapping technique to encourage drawing faces from imagination, without a model or photo.
It means that the Volkswagen Caddy van is on offer from PS5,991 to PS20,990, whilst the Transporter is offered from PS9,500 to PS51,995, and the Crafter is available from PS10,500 to PS28,000, with more than 100 of each available to be sourced nationwide.