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Deterioration of the NRL films by scission cracking from exposure to ozone will increase the likelihood of condoms breaking during use.
The x-axial displacement distribution, as well as cracking sequence from initiation to final failure, for different flaw depths under stress wave I was shown in Figures 13 and 14.
Analysis of Correlation of Rock Thermal Cracking with Inhomogeneity.
The developed FEM takes into consideration the effect of the cracking as a discrete crack model.
In older properties with cavity walls iron wall ties tying the two leaves of masonry together corrode and expand resulting in horizontal cracking in the external walls.
Yao, "Analysis of initial cracking behavior of expansive soil due to evaporation," Rock and Soil Mechanics, vol.
Duntemann gives an example of cracking that developed at the ends of pre-stressed concrete beams in a cooling tower being constructed at a synthetic fuel plant.
This paper describes the analysis and identification of continuous caster roll (CC) surfaces damage and cracking by means of nondestructive testing methods and digital photography.
So, observation of the fracture process in the Brazilian test could provide a new insight for cracking mechanisms at the meso-scale in concrete.
Cracking The Symbol Cone: Revealing The Secret Heretical Messages Within The Church An Renaissance Art by British author, lecturer, and historian Tim Wallace-Murphy is among the most informative explanations to the mysteries left behind of the Knights Templar, Leonardo Da Vinci, King Solomon, and the metaphorical art of the medieval Christian era.
This tends to stress the interface between the two buildings, causing cracking at the interface.
8) in his detailed work on the mechanism on ozone cracking of rubber made an important observation stating that a low carbon black content would improve the resistance to radial cracking.
In and of itself, this simple cracking is not harmful.
Bronswijk JJB (1991) Drying, cracking, and subsidence of a clay soil in a lysimeter.
Yet, stainless-steel molds are susceptible to a common type of corrosive attack and tool failure called stress corrosion cracking. It is irreversible and can ruin a brand-new mold in as little as three weeks or less.