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1. slang Someone from Kentucky. Primarily heard in US. I was born a corncracker, but I moved to the East Coast for college.
2. offensive slang A derogatory term for a white person, especially one who is poor and from the South. Primarily heard in US.


offensive slang A derogatory term for a white person. Primarily heard in US.


1. noun Someone who is regarded as outstanding or superb. Based on his stellar resume, this guy seems like he'd be a crackerjack of an employee.
2. adjective Outstanding or superb That's a crackerjack idea—I think we should implement it right away.


slang Very tired. The phrase comes from rhyming slang in which "cream-crackered" rhymes with "knackered" (tired). Primarily heard in UK. I am cream-crackered, man—I need to rest. Oh, he was well cream-crackered after his flight, so he went to bed a few hours ago.

holy crap on a cracker

A mildly indecent exclamation of surprise, shock, or astonishment. (An emphatic form of "holy crap.") Holy crap on a cracker, the bill for that dinner is nearly $200! We won the lottery? Holy crap on a cracker, that's amazing news!
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obsolete A burglar. I know that man—he's a kencracker who's stolen from many houses in the area!


One who makes glib, facetious, and/or sardonic remarks. Tony is such a wisecracker; he always has some remark lined up.
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mod. excellent; industrious. Fred is a crackerjack stockbroker, but his personal life is a mess.
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Mills adds that while the boycott may not have directly affected the company's bottom line, the adverse publicity accompanying it was detrimental to Cracker Barrel in the long run.
When tested, the data show significant relationships between virus introduction by crackers who stole (or attempted to steal) both intellectual property and money.
As for sodium, a single serving of crackers hardly ever contains more than 200 milligrams of sodium, which isn't a lot, unless you're on a restricted diet.
Crackers are so easy to overeat, especially if you spread something delicious on them.
Caudalie Vinosource Christmas Cracker, PS10, Feel Unique What's inside: A trio of mini skincare essentials - micellar water, serum and moisturiser - worth PS20.50.
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According to the police, it was the second time someone tried to attack on Arif's house with cracker, investigation of incident in is process.
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Some of Ritz Crackers products was recalled by Mondelez International amid a potential risk of salmonella. The Hanover, New Jersey-based company, said Sunday that 16 varieties of Ritz Cracker Sandwiches and Ritz Bits products in the United States were being removed from the market as a precautionary measure.
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This year, I had the privilege of conducting an anti-pollution campaign promoting a green and cracker-free Diwali in my community, followed by a subsequent clean-up drive in my neighbourhood to remove the cracker bits after the Diwali celebrations.