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One who makes glib, facetious, and/or sardonic remarks. Tony is such a wisecracker; he always has some remark lined up.

holy crap on a cracker

A mildly indecent exclamation of surprise, shock, or astonishment. (An emphatic form of "holy crap.") Holy crap on a cracker, the bill for that dinner is nearly $200! We won the lottery? Holy crap on a cracker, that's amazing news!
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IT'S A CRACKER: 6/10 12 Family Crackers, Sainsbury's, PS4 Shiny and simple with cheap and cheerful gifts ranging from a heart key ring to tiny playing cards, very flimsy hats that do fit adult heads and the usual cheesy jokes.
MERI MERI BE JOLLY SANTA TA T CRACKERS PS15 SIX Santa characters to put a smile on your face.
But this year his pictures are hardly being used by the manufacturers to sell their products," said Minhaz Alam, a shopkeeper in Machharhatta, a cracker market hub.
The crackers are packed in nano-carbon-fiber sturdy boxes that keep the crackers safe from harm.
99, available from major stockists) THE wind-up penguins make this a fun cracker and there is also a racing board so you can see whose penguin is speedier than the Christmas turkey.
If your idea of a cracker is flexible, try Quaker Lightly Salted Rice Cakes.
The new packaging brings more focus to the different cracker types and enables consumers to more clearly identify each variant.
Crackers are one of the most popular snack foods and are enjoyed by millions in the United States.
So Summerville says she was stunned when she learned that Cracker Barrel had issued a memo stating that people who did not demonstrate "normal heterosexual values" could not work for the company.
This book is a collection of up to date and concise reviews of existing literature in the area of cookie and cracker production.
While hot, cut each cracker sheet with a sharp knife (or sharp pizza cutter) lengthwise into 3 equal strips, crosswise into 6 equal strips.
The first-ever Cracker Barrel Old Country Store([R]) two-disc set, An Evening WithODolly, has earned a Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) Gold award.
uk HOTEL CHOCOLAT LARGE CHRISTMAS CRACKER PS36 CHOCOLATE-LOVERS are likely to have this at the top of their Christmas wish list.