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One who makes glib, facetious, and/or sardonic remarks. Tony is such a wisecracker; he always has some remark lined up.

holy crap on a cracker

A mildly indecent exclamation of surprise, shock, or astonishment. (An emphatic form of "holy crap.") Holy crap on a cracker, the bill for that dinner is nearly $200! We won the lottery? Holy crap on a cracker, that's amazing news!
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1. noun Someone who is regarded as outstanding or superb. Based on his stellar resume, this guy seems like he'd be a crackerjack of an employee.
2. adjective Outstanding or superb That's a crackerjack idea—I think we should implement it right away.


mod. excellent; industrious. Fred is a crackerjack stockbroker, but his personal life is a mess.
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