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It is concluded that the material properties and the thermal resistance in the heat conduction through the crack region are of much importance and should be considered in analyzing the thermoelastic problem of a cracked material with a thermal loading.
When the oblique crack has different angles and relative depths, the geometric correction factors are calculated for a unilateral oblique cracked beam subjected to a pure bending moment, and the finite element method (FEM) analysis software ABAQUS is used to calculate these factors.
With its Roku channel, Cracked continues its expansion into the OTT video ecosystem.
Example of single edge cracked circular plate is chosen since it is similar in geometry and load to cracked safety valve disc later investigated in this paper.
The fundamental theory of concrete design assumes the concrete is cracked, and a cracked concrete section is not weaker than an uncracked concrete section.
Another problem is that current methods may unnecessarily remove eggs that are thought to be cracked but really aren't--what scientists call a "false positive."
The imaging system then takes an image before and while the crack is opening to determine if the shell is indeed cracked. The imaging system uses a relatively simple high-resolution monochromatic CCD camera.
6 : to lose self-control <He cracked under the strain.>
As explained in [9], after having evaluated matrix [C.sub.c], the total flexibility matrix for the cracked section is given as
The most devastating aspect of stress corrosion cracking is that by the time you realize it is happening the mold is cracked all the way through and is ruined.
But with budgets even tighter now, extending the life of cracked road surfaces has never been more necessary.
This was still not totally secure as the public key could be used to crack the private key by going through all the possible combinations (in the same way that a safe is cracked).
External brickwork may need to be repointed and, sometimes, cracked bricks will have to be replaced.
Japan Atomic Power said it will continue inspections of the cracked surface of the pipe and cut off the damaged joint still connected to a heat exchanger by the weekend at the earliest.
Toni commented that the pipes were of poor quality and usually cracked from the intense heat needed for smoking crack; she believed the storekeepers sold these poor quality pipes intentionally to get repeat buyers.