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LiMandri said the agency has taken steps to crack down on both violators and negligent department workers.
London Mayor Boris Johnson has announced plans to crack down on London's illegal cab trade by doubling the number of enforcement officers from 34 to 68 and introducing a 'one-strike' rule that would ensure cabbies convicted of touting would immediately have their licence revoked.
The group aims to crack down on pollution, illegal tipping or poaching around the river with the help of the public.
A Home Office spokesman said: "The Government is determined to crack down firmly on drunken yobs."
They were part of the launch of a three-month nationwide campaign called Operation Crack Down.
Less-affluent nations may be bearing the brunt as developed nations including the United States crack down on mercury pollution.
Police in Beijing, China have seized more than one million pirated books and audio-visual products during a month-long crack down.
(Ankara wants the US forces in northern Iraq to crack down on the remnants of the Kurdistan Workers Party, which now calls itself Kadek.
In a July 16 Wall Street Journal article, Westley was quoted as saying, "It is time to crack down. It's a way to work more effectively together and get more bang for the buck."
South Korea on Wednesday arrested a suspected former North Korean spy who claimed to have been involved in helping Chinese authorities crack down on North Korean refugees in China, officials said.
Border authorities have been trying to crack down on the traffickers' subterranean routes, but there are difficulties in locating the passages.
"United Nations police in Kosovo are being given new powers in an attempt to crack down on organized crime," reported the BBC on March 19th.
China and Vietnam have agreed to jointly crack down on the trafficking of women and children across their common border, UNICEF announced yesterday.
Safe Roads" initiative is designed to bring together interested parties to help support the enactment of comprehensive drunk-driving laws that crack down on hard-core drunk drivers and repeat offenders.