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cozy up (to someone or something)

1. To move close (to someone) in order to snuggle. I left the room when my sister and her boyfriend started cozying up on the sofa. The puppies cozied up to their mother.
2. By extension, to become friendly (with someone or some group), usually in an attempt to obtain something. The corporation has started cozying up to several foreign governments in an attempt to expand its influence. People from across the city have been cozying up ever since I won the lottery.
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cozy up

 (to someone)
1. Lit. to snuggle up to someone as if to get warm. The children cozied up to their mother. They cozied up to each other.
2. Fig. to try to get in good with someone; to try to increase one's influence with someone by being extra nice and friendly. The salesman tried to cozy up to the customer.
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cozy up

Try to get on friendly or intimate terms, ingratiate oneself. For example, That new woman is always cozying up to one or another club member so she'll be asked to join . [Mid-1900s]
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cozy up (to someone)

in. to become overly friendly with someone in hope of gaining special favors. Taylor cozied up to the prof, hoping for a good grade at least.
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cozy up

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Totalitarianism, Berman writes, is "the system of oppression that reaches into the coziest and most private comers of life, into questions of sexuality, conscience, and personal behavior, and sets out to squeeze each of these intimate and individual matters into the exact and peculiar shape that is required by the governing fantasy." Anger is as palpable here as it is lacking in Fukuyama's tome.
The characters cited in the above scenario, however, are the Democrats and Hollywood, one of Washington's coziest couples.
One of the coziest rooms in the house is the master bath.
Built in 1898 by a local entrepreneur, the gabled Victorian had fallen into disrepair until the Jordons came along and made it into one of the coziest bed and breakfast around.
Gree has created the most reliable inverter air conditioners that are enriched with a special heating-feature to ensure the coziest and safest winter in Pakistan's climatic conditions and environment.
Turn it into a game where you track down your itinerary for the day by taking cute or wacky photos at a specific 'monument' of your choice, whether it's a fancy cafe hidden away or the coziest bench in the park.
Asheville was named as one of the top coziest cities in the United States according to Honeywell Heating Company, and is also home to more breweries per capita than any other city in the U.S.
Regardless if you're having a V-Day night-in with your besties or your beau, it's nice to snuggle up on the couch with the softest, coziest blanket while watching TV or a movie.
If you like having your coffee outside in the morning, for instance, where's the warmest, coziest place to sit?
Consider those people in the margins of society who toil in the harshest of conditions so that you may be able to enjoy a cup of coffee in the coziest corner of a cafe.
Moose Knuckles Canada and Superdry will be on hand helping men and women by supplying some of the coziest snow gear and apparel.