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coyote ugly

Extremely ugly, especially of a sexual partner. A: "I'm sure that coyote ugly chick would go out with a loser like you." B: "Ha ha, very funny."
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(ˈkɑɪot ˈəgli and ˈkɑɪoti ˈəgli)
mod. extremely ugly. (see also double-bagger, triple-bagger. Supposedly, if one woke up and found one’s arm around a coyote-ugly person, one would chew off one’s arm—in the manner of a coyote escaping from a steel-jaw trap—rather than pull it back away from this person.) Is that your pet monkey, or is your date just coyote-ugly?
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com/coyote-shot-after-reports-it-tried-to-attack-someone-at-csula/3218028/) ABC's Eyewitness News  said they had reportedly seen at least three coyotes in the campus.
The goal of this plan is to allow our residents and local coyotes to continue to safely coexist without incident.
In response to the dramatically negative results of his informal fawn recruitment survey, my friend has started hiring aerial hunters to help in the coyote cull.
At best, expect to see a coyote or two respond only on occasion.
From the hunters standpoint, however, the coyote offers wonderful opportunities
It is completely normal to see a coyote,'' she said.
Catching a glimpse of a coyote can be exciting and memorable.
When it comes to coyote control methods, we do know that very little works on a long-term basis.
Because by implementing a coyote control program in the county, officials may find that next year at this time, coyote numbers could be increased and livestock compensation claims will have gotten even worse.
In 2011 Coyote was named one of the fastest growing companies in the US by Inc.
In a major victory for coyotes, the City of Calabasas in Southern California passed a resolution in December barring the use of city funds to kill the wild canine.
But its decline likely allowed the coyote to expand eastward in the southern United States.
Question 20 (Have you ever been approached or followed by a coyote in your neighborhood?
They are "low class" animals, held in disrepute, as we see in the reports about urban coyote attacks.
Within each county, the time between the first identification of RRV in an animal and finding a rabid coyote within that county ranged from 558 to 4,857 days; median was 2,799 days.