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cower down

To crouch or otherwise make oneself smaller, usually out of fear. When I heard that loud bang, I immediately cowered down behind the door.
See also: cower, down

cower (away) from (someone or something)

To move away from someone or something, usually out of fear. I cowered from the snake and prayed that it wouldn't see me.
See also: cower

cower (away) from someone or something

to pull away from someone or something in fear. The coyote cowered away from the fire.
See also: cower

cower down (from something)

 and cower down (with something)
to crouch down, displaying an emotion, such as fear. They cowered down with sheer terror. I would cower down from fright in a similar situation.
See also: cower, down

cower from something

to drawback from the fear of something. The wolves cowered from the flames. Some excited hyenas cowered from the lions as they passed by.
See also: cower
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75) An early small cowering crocus in September, easy to grow with white to deep lilac colours.
RECOVERING:Eileen Harrison found her pet Ginger cowering under a neighbour's car
In the same inaugural speech, Koizumi said, ''My position is no fear of pain, no cowering before the wall of vested interests, and no clinging to the past -- no fear, no cowering, no clinging.
More images followed of circular saw blades flying over a cinema audience and towards the viewer, people cowering from an explosion, a close-up of a screaming man falling, a huge figure reaching out into the cinema from the screen and lifting a person back towards the screen, and a cage crashing through a window.
Olli's owner said: "Olli was cowering under the table.
IF Gordon Brown wants to make the grade as PM it's time he dropped the habit of cowering behind the door of Number 11 at the first sniff of a crisis.
FAILED London bomber Yasin Hassan Omar begged armed cops to shoot him while cowering in his bath with a rucksack on his head.
The organisation says it has been sent shocking images of animals trembling and cowering under or behind furniture by pet owners.
Well, I noticed how your stream of consciousness narrative would have any writing instructor cowering behind the weary paradigms.
DOGS cowering in terror in cages sandwiched BETWEEN the hulking predatory tigers and bears.
Surrounded by cowering townsmen, he was left to face the gun-slinging town bullies all by himself.
And that one image conveyed by university date-rape handouts is that of "the cowering woman, knocked on her back by the barest feather of peer pressure |and that the~ suggestion lurking beneath this definition of rape is that men are not just physically but intellectually and emotionally more powerful than women.
Grabbing the cowering topless girl by her hair and holding the cleaver to her throat, the man - known only as Lin - held police at bay for over five hours.
Joe Trzebiatowski, 38, found the creature cowering behind his water butt on Tuesday night.