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cower down

To crouch or otherwise make oneself smaller, usually out of fear. When I heard that loud bang, I immediately cowered down behind the door.
See also: cower, down

cower (away) from (someone or something)

To move away from someone or something, usually out of fear. I cowered from the snake and prayed that it wouldn't see me.
See also: cower

cower (away) from someone or something

to pull away from someone or something in fear. The coyote cowered away from the fire.
See also: cower

cower down (from something)

 and cower down (with something)
to crouch down, displaying an emotion, such as fear. They cowered down with sheer terror. I would cower down from fright in a similar situation.
See also: cower, down

cower from something

to drawback from the fear of something. The wolves cowered from the flames. Some excited hyenas cowered from the lions as they passed by.
See also: cower
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In the science center multipurpose room, small mice cowered in the corners of cages as the resident snakes leisurely took their time before making lunch out of the furry guests.
Viollet, 17, vandalised a car belonging to Daniel Brooks, punched the student, 25, and threatened him while he cowered at home in Urmston, Gtr Manchester, with girlfriend Nicola Raw.
Boozed-up Mark Fraser, 25, and Barry Stewart, 21, battered down the door and cornered Douglas Barber as he cowered in his kitchen, Elgin Sheriff Court heard.
This upset Ella, who refused to sit in the front and moved to the back seat, where she cowered, whimpering softly.
Two sisters cowered in their car as he stood in the road yards away and shot at two men in another vehicle in Notting Hill, the court heard.
Bao Nguyen, 18, allegedly went berserk and murdered the pair as his mum and brother cowered in a locked bedroom at their home.
Three of the children were found dead inside the bathtub, cowered around each other, with charred clothes and skin.
Atkinson, 46, looked as hapless as his other famous role, Mr Bean, as he cowered in the doorway.
The court was told the boy, who cannot be identified, cowered in a corner after being beaten.
Moore shot her as her son cowered in the seat next to her, even though she gave up her purse and briefcase, Maurizi said.
The new exhibit, nearly five times larger than the old one, was greeted with caution by the chimps, some of whom tiptoed across the grass and cowered in the corner.
Officers cowered inside as Anthony Rudge, 40, who was more than two and a half times the drink-drive limit, repeatedly reversed the truck into the building in Yately, Hampshire.
Then as he cowered in the cab the animal reared on its hind legs and tried to slash him with its claws.