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cower (away) from (someone or something)

To move away from someone or something, usually out of fear. I cowered from the snake and prayed that it wouldn't see me.
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cower down

To crouch or otherwise make oneself smaller, usually out of fear. When I heard that loud bang, I immediately cowered down behind the door.
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cower down with (some emotion)

To crouch or otherwise make oneself smaller while feeling or exhibiting a particular emotion. When I heard that loud bang, I immediately got behind the door and cowered down with fear.
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cower (away) from someone or something

to pull away from someone or something in fear. The coyote cowered away from the fire.
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cower down (from something)

 and cower down (with something)
to crouch down, displaying an emotion, such as fear. They cowered down with sheer terror. I would cower down from fright in a similar situation.
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cower from something

to drawback from the fear of something. The wolves cowered from the flames. Some excited hyenas cowered from the lions as they passed by.
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The home support crowded the perimeter fences baying for blood while Ferreira and his assistants cowered in the centre-circle after the final whistle to await reinforcements.
Edinburgh Zoo's pair of primates cowered under a rock yesterday as showers broke out across the country.
It forced him to head for the entrance of a department store in Sanford, near Orlando, as customers cowered inside.
On BBC's Question Time on Thursday, she said she saw a photo of a soldier taking off his jacket as a detainee cowered in the corner, then pictures of the Iraqi 'on his haunches and being beaten up'.
Describing the hurricane as like "a monster", the actor told how he cowered in the bath and found his room flooded next morning.
The twister demolished a garage flattened fences, tore tiles off roofs and uprooted a tree as residents cowered in their houses.
A CAT cowered under the bonnet of a car as it was taken for a 140-mile terror trip.
The trouble broke out when two drunken groups started a pitched battle in one of the ship's bars as day-trippers cowered in terror.
But even George W Bush cowered when this giant merchant navy trainee strolled on to the podium at a ceremony in New York yesterday.
And as Javed and Shagufta Iqbal cowered in a corner, he threatened to cut their heads off.
Passengers cowered below decks as 45-foot waves battered the liner QE2.
Witness Sue Thomason told investigators she heard a volley of 11 shots - each of them three seconds apart - as she cowered in the tube on her way to work.
Boozed-up Mark Fraser, 25, and Barry Stewart, 21, battered down the door and cornered Douglas Barber as he cowered in his kitchen, Elgin Sheriff Court heard.
Viollet, 17, vandalised a car belonging to Daniel Brooks, punched the student, 25, and threatened him while he cowered at home in Urmston, Gtr Manchester, with girlfriend Nicola Raw.
Bao Nguyen, 18, allegedly went berserk and murdered the pair as his mum and brother cowered in a locked bedroom at their home.