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The strangers grew very fond of Cadmus, and resolved never to leave him, but to help him build a city wherever the cow might lie down.
While they were talking of these schemes, and beguiling the tediousness of the way with laying out the plan of the new city, one of the company happened to look at the cow.
They all looked; and, sure enough, the cow had stopped, and was staring leisurely about her, as other cows do when on the point of lying down.
But, indeed, since there was no hope of regaining the friends of his boyhood, or ever seeing his dear sister again, Cadmus resolved to make himself happy with these new companions, who had grown so fond of him while following the cow.
The brindled cow, which has led us hither, will supply us with milk.
They went thither to fetch some, leaving Cadmus stretched on the ground along with the brindled cow; for, now that he had found a place of rest, it seemed as if all the weariness of his pilgrimage, ever since he left King Agenor's palace, had fallen upon him at once.
But do not you suppose that it made Cadmus sorrowful to think of the melancholy fate which had befallen those poor, friendly people, who had followed the cow along with him?
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In category of Sahiwal breed, Hashim Ali's cow clinched the first position with weight of 1,102kg while Shashma's cow stood second with the weight of 930kg and Ch Abdul Rehman's cow got the third position with 900kg.
A video has been widely circulated in the past few days, wherein a group of boys are playing football in Mardol, Goa when a cow interrupts the game.
The cow is seen trying to chase a football and ultimately plays with it.
You may all say, why the farmers don't send these cows to gaushalas or cow shelters?
The shorthorn cow went missing on Tuesday from a farm in the Penparc area of Cardigan, in Ceredigion.
That helps Neil to tailor each cow's feed and care to suit her individual needs, which in turn helps milk yield.
What's more important than the breed you choose is the health, temperament, and history of the individual cow you select.