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Initially, everyone tried to move as fast as possible and clear this open, coverless patch as quickly as possible, but very soon everyone got exhausted and the pace became slower.
The Pasay Youth Home stores water for CICL in coverless containers exposed to the elements, according to a March 2016 report of the Commission on Human Rights.
Generally, castable swimflies shine in shallow, coverless water, while "hook-up" articulated jigs work anywhere.
Playground fights that started with takes-one-to-know-one and Tag-you're-it I avoided, and instead I'd lean into a cushion of dirty clothes in the Darkness of my closet clutching a coverless diary and my favorite chewed-out pencil.
In 1930, twenty years after he first found the coverless book, he reads the word "Mormon" in a dictionary, realizes his book is the Book of Mormon and finds out about the LDS Church.
Here, on the coverless, upward-sloping ground of Iwo's central plateau, veterans of jungle fighting on Guam and Bougainville found shocking new horrors: enemy soldiers that appeared from nowhere and then returned to nowhere; Nambu machine-gun bursts from invisible sources; and unrelenting downpours of artillery and mortar shells, including drum-sized behemoths the marines nicknamed "flying pianos."
You can rustle up a coverless, warts-and-all notepad for shopping lists and daily plans in under 30 minutes, or labour away at a work of art with specially bought paper for a day or more.
This divergence can be best stated by a phrase from a coverless rotten book discovered by Stewart Lee Allen in Calcutta,