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He just happens upon the coverless book, just happens upon the word 'Mormon' in a dictionary, just barely misses meeting the Church representative in 1932.
Here, on the coverless, upward-sloping ground of Iwo's central plateau, veterans of jungle fighting on Guam and Bougainville found shocking new horrors: enemy soldiers that appeared from nowhere and then returned to nowhere; Nambu machine-gun bursts from invisible sources; and unrelenting downpours of artillery and mortar shells, including drum-sized behemoths the marines nicknamed "flying pianos.
You can rustle up a coverless, warts-and-all notepad for shopping lists and daily plans in under 30 minutes, or labour away at a work of art with specially bought paper for a day or more.
This divergence can be best stated by a phrase from a coverless rotten book discovered by Stewart Lee Allen in Calcutta,
Throughout the gun-proofing process, you should work in a coverless area, using white dummies.