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At a distance of 100 yards, and still in a coverless area, have your assistant shoot the shotgun and throw a dummy.
These fields should be coverless so your youngster will always find the bird or dummy.
The bitterly cold boy was shivering on a coverless bed with a wet blanket stuck to him.
If you need some guidance on composition basics or would like to know what the white balance setting is used for, this 150-page guide is a great alternative to the coverless black-and-white booklet that came with the camera.
CloudRack[TM] Server Tray - An ultra-dense, fanless, coverless 1U server tray designed for use in CloudRack enclosures to deliver extreme densities for a variety of data center environments.
CloudRack C2 capitalizes on an ultra-efficient, rack-centric Eco-Logical[TM] design, which uses fanless and coverless 1U server trays installed in 24-inch wide 23U and 46U intelligent cabinet configurations.