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Because of this generous donation by Consolidated Carpets and the Greater New York Floor Coverers Association Promotional Fund, more of our resources can be used for our mission--helping house homeless and at-risk people, and providing the help they need to remain stable in the community.
Right to credit The creators of ideas or expressions and the dis coverers of information must be acknowledged whenever someone else makes use of their work.
Leather exports are growing; furniture coverers in European and Asian markets are the main buyers, reports Prensa.
Leave it to a bunch of carpenters to build one of the largest training facilities in the Midwest for future carpenters, millwrights and floor coverers.
The plan had been for Eric to re-live the entirety of his career covering the club but he had so much material he decided to break it down over two volumes, the first of which coverers the years 19985-1995, before Boro moved to the Riverside.
The Lakes and Plains Regional Council of Carpenters and Joiners which represents union carpenters, lathers, millwrights and floor coverers, made the announcement Friday regarding the new contracts.
Choose varieties that suppress the weeds, the ground coverers such as the vincas and the pachysandra.
Smith represents 270 workers in three crafts: painters, glaziers and floor coverers.
Beginning in the 1960s, studies on the population of insulation workers -- pipe coverers were the most heavily exposed group, but they worked alongside electricians, plumbers, pipe-fitters, carpenters and other kinds of construction trades in shipyards and other construction sites -- showed that about 40 percent of them were dying from occupational cancer and asbestosis.
Their training programs offer required course instruction to painters, glaziers and floor coverers.