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Danske Bank has three cover pools (Cover Pool D, Cover Pool I and Cover Pool C) from which rated covered bonds are issued.
2 : to be spread with or extend over much or all of the surface of <His face is covered with freckles.
Under the revised regulations, two categories of covered services--"specified covered services" and "low margin covered services"--qualify for being billed at cost under SCM.
The fully-automatic, high-precision roll core feeder ensures that the radial runout of the covered rolls is as little as 0.
Is the product covered by the new rules, and is the business required to comply with the rules or to ensure that others are complying?
Part II examines the requirements for covered opinions and other written advice.
Companies likely to be covered under HIPAA range across the health care or health-care-related business segments such as medical providers, insurance companies, claims clearinghouses, and employers that self-insure workers' health benefits.
To make the "sponge (covered)," wrap the appropriate sponge with plastic wrap so that the entire sponge is covered.
While you may be covered under your employer's policy as a full- or part-time employee, you need to know the details of that coverage.
But David Helm, deputy editor of special sections for Consumer Reports magazine, says extended warranties are almost always a bad deal since most consumers don't have major problems with the product being covered for the period that the warranty is offered.
Because they reduce evaporation and heat loss, a covered pool means reduced costs for chemicals and lower energy bills.
Topics covered in the 11 sections include: maintenance fundamentals, planning systems, work order planning, backlog management, maintenance scheduling, computerized maintenance management systems development, planning and scheduling shutdowns, performance measurements and management, essential care and condition monitoring.
It was also a transition in terms of what we covered; while tech news is still our bread and buffer, we branched out into politics and economics and even covered some social issues only tangentially related to tech.