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DAR will confirm the compliance of the coverable GOLs in outlined criteria while DA and DENR will ascertain their suitability for planting and for land classification and slope, respectively.
The shadow chancellor said the triple-lock was "already funded within the budget", and was "perfectly coverable" into the future.
[34] analyzed data from EV users and reported that daily mobility patterns, the percentage of travel not coverable because of the limited EV range, and the actual usable range drive range satisfaction.
In accordance with the possibility of linguistic enquiry Jakobson also underpins that the questions about the relations between "word and world" is coverable with linguistics.
Due to Philippine 'privacy issues,' examiners of the [bank] are not allowed to review documents held by coverable institutions in order to determine if the covered institutions are complying with the reporting requirement." Id.
Brands such as Adobe (CMO) and Capgemini (Content Loop) have created standalone platforms that attract users through the likes of search engine optimisation (making sure content is dis- coverable organically), native advertising (e.g.
More crucial for professional and amateur soccer players is the distance coverable with maximal high-intensity running during a game (9) and a rapid ability to recover between intensive intermittent exercises (4).
Many of them were coverable from the bank and all were for those fishing from the boat.
The interior has chrome accents, coverable cup holders and new panelling.
Under the New APA Procedure, APMA may condition acceptance of an APA request upon the taxpayer's agreement to (i) roll back the terms of its proposed APA, and (ii) expand the scope of its proposed APA to include coverable issues relevant to the proposed covered issues.
The other interesting news which is contributing to inadequate physical activity of average Indian is about gradual increase in use of motor vehicles to travel distances easily coverable by simple walking.
An unbounded prior support may still be coverable by infinitely many [B.sub.j]'s, so that [N.sub.u]([pi]) is finite, even with an infinite covering number N.