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More crucial for professional and amateur soccer players is the distance coverable with maximal high-intensity running during a game (9) and a rapid ability to recover between intensive intermittent exercises (4).
Many of them were coverable from the bank and all were for those fishing from the boat.
The interior has chrome accents, coverable cup holders and new panelling.
Under the New APA Procedure, APMA may condition acceptance of an APA request upon the taxpayer's agreement to (i) roll back the terms of its proposed APA, and (ii) expand the scope of its proposed APA to include coverable issues relevant to the proposed covered issues.
The other interesting news which is contributing to inadequate physical activity of average Indian is about gradual increase in use of motor vehicles to travel distances easily coverable by simple walking.
An unbounded prior support may still be coverable by infinitely many [B.
Let the reservation price, v, of consumers be large enough, and thus the market is coverable.
The retroactive coverage feature might distort insurance market equilibria, because if employers anticipate that new COBRA enrollees will have already incurred coverable medical expenses, then employers might require active employees to pay higher premiums.
The statistical model included sex and slaughter data as fixed effects and live weight as coverable.
In a large, oven-safe and coverable pan, sear your duck or ducks on all sides until golden brown.
For example a fine, loss, damage and liability arising out of any criminal act or illegal activity or contract considered against public interest is not coverable under insurance.