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cover up

1. verb To place a covering on someone or something, as for protection. A noun or pronoun can be used between "cover" and "up." Let me just cover up these leftovers so you can take them with you. I'm so fair-skinned that I have to cover myself up before spending time in the sun.
2. To clothe oneself. I'll answer the door in a moment, I just need to cover up first.
3. verb To conceal the evidence of one's (usually nefarious) actions. A noun or pronoun can be used between "cover" and "up." I just know that the CEO is covering something up—why else would those documents suddenly go missing? The administration is clearly trying to cover up the scandal.
4. noun The act of concealing the evidence of nefarious actions. When used as a noun, the phrase is typically hyphenated or written as one word. Their cover-up unraveled when the CEO's secretary confessed to his wrongdoing. The administration is clearly engaging in a coverup to hide the scandal.
5. noun An article of clothing worn over other clothing, such as a bathing suit. When used as a noun, the phrase is typically hyphenated. Once it got breezy on the beach, I put my cover-up back on.
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cover someone or something up

to place something on someone or something for protection or concealment. Cover the pie up, so Terry won't see it. Cover up Jimmy so he doesn't get cold.
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cover something up

1. Lit. to place some sort of cover on something. Please cover up that mess with a cloth. Cover it up.
2. Fig. to conceal a wrongdoing; to conceal evidence. They tried to cover the crime up, but the single footprint gave them away. She could not cover up her misdeeds.
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cover up

1. Wrap up or enfold in order to protect. For example, Be sure to cover up the outdoor furniture in case of rain, or It's cold, so be sure to cover up the baby. [Late 1800s]
2. Conceal something, especially a crime, as in The opposition accused the President of covering up his assistant's suicide. [c. 1920]
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cover up

1. To spread or extend something over someone or something in order to protect or conceal: We covered up the furniture with a drop cloth before painting the walls. The children covered themselves up with leaves while playing hide and seek.
2. To conceal something, especially wrongdoing or error: The criminal tried to cover up the crime by destroying the evidence. I accidentally overcharged a customer, and my boss told me to cover it up.
3. To put on or wear clothing: My grandmother covers up before going outside to protect herself from the sun.
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n. an act of concealing something. The candidate accused her opponent of a cover-up.
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The Beachwear Collection comprises of fancy cover-up sarongs in floral print with easy-to-wear overlapping style giving it a distinctly bohemian feel.
But now the cover-up is unravelling as documents withheld from the jury are leaked.
The Catholic Church in Ireland is already reeling from a damning report on cover-ups of sex abuse in the Dublin archdiocese.
Pope The current mea culpa by the Pope is expedient in the extreme and seems an obvious case of damage limitation and ignores the cover-ups that were diktats from Rome.
It should go without saying that the ultimate test will be whether the church addresses the cover-ups by church leaders that enabled abusers in Boston, Worcester and other dioceses across the country.
Though the bishops have lobbied against mandatory reporting, it is one way to insure that we do not have to live through another series of allegations, abuses and cover-ups.
Sure, they could still try to suppress rumors--and there were plenty of denials, cover-ups, and couch-jumping displays of heterosexuality to go around--but 2006 was the year closet-case celebs were put on notice: Proceed at your own risk.
From the hottest leotards and cutest bags to fuss-free cover-ups and essential foot care, we've got you--and those you care about--covered.
Ashley Paige has produced sexy knits for the stars, with designs which you may recognize from the pages of Seventeen, InStyle and other top magazines: now under one cover are not just photos but how-to instructions for knitted swimsuits, tops, and cover-ups for beach and bedroom alike.
I stripped down to my swimsuit and was waiting lot my friends to take off their cover-ups.
The main character, John-Ray Horn, is a former B-movie actor who sets out to find the murderer of a previous leading lady and his investigations lead him to cover-ups, violence and, ultimately, more killing.
Sequinned shrugs and lace capes make great cover-ups, as do soft fur shrugs.
on Monday completed the filing of recall reports on defective vehicles and defect cover-ups found since March last year, with the number of vehicles subject to recall totaling 2.
The series, which alleged bribery, cover-ups, and other malfeasance, was never challenged on the facts.
It follows his life during long years of training to become a churchman, the loneliness of seminary life, homesickness, and his aghast reaction to church scandals and cover-ups.