cover (one's) tracks (up)

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cover (one's) tracks (up)

1. Literally, to conceal one's footprints, typically to avoid being followed. Those hounds can track us across rivers, so covering our tracks won't do any good.
2. To conceal the evidence of one's (usually nefarious) actions. We need to cover our tracks before someone traces the bank robbery back to us. I destroyed those incriminating documents to cover my tracks up.
See also: cover, track

cover someone's tracks (up)

to conceal one's trail; to conceal one's past activities. She was able to cover her tracks up so that they couldn't pin the charges on her. It's easy to cover up your tracks when the investigators botch their job. The robber failed to cover his tracks.
See also: cover, track

cover one's tracks

Conceal one's whereabouts, activities, intentions, or the evidence of one's involvement. For example, No one knows much about where he's been-he's very good at covering his tracks. This term transfers hiding one's footprints to more general activities. [1870s] Also see cover up, def. 2.
See also: cover, track

cover your tracks

COMMON If someone covers their tracks, they hide or destroy evidence of what they have done or where they have been. He was a very clever man who never took a chance, a man who totally covered his tracks. The killer may have returned to the scene of the crime to cover his tracks. Note: Tracks here are footprints.
See also: cover, track

cover your tracks

conceal evidence of what you have done.
See also: cover, track

cover your ˈtracks

be careful not to leave any signs of something secret or illegal that you have been doing: He didn’t want his wife to know he’d met an old girlfriend so he invented a story to cover his tracks.
See also: cover, track

cover (one's) tracks

To conceal traces so as to elude pursuers.
See also: cover, track
References in periodicals archive ?
Officials added that he knifed 17 other people to death, including relatives and neighbours, in an attempt to cover his tracks.
A SPEEDING hit-and-run driver killed a pensioner as he talked on his mobile phone - and then tried to delete his call records in a callous bid to cover his tracks.
A SON allegedly murdered his mother and father then tried to cover his tracks by staging a break-in and injuring himself with a brick and scissors, a court heard.
Dean decides to make up a story to cover his tracks, but stumbles when he gives Mick and Nancy different information.
Psychiatrists called for the prosecution had dismissed claims that Mann had an acute psychotic illness - adding his "rational" response to the crime had been to carefully cover his tracks.
Now Jobling - who tried to cover his tracks with Facebook messages to the girl the next day - has been jailed for five years after admitting rape.
He filed a bogus crime report and later lied to cover his tracks.
The 33-year-old, who has admitted manslaughter but denies murder, also sent a string of emails to his girlfriend to cover his tracks.
Summary: Robin Garbutt tried to cover his tracks from the moment he dialled 999.
He then staged a car crash to make it appear as if his wife had killed herself, before trying to cover his tracks by ringing her family and the police, apparently concerned for her well-being.
Yahya Babiker, 45, is alleged to have murdered Randa Kamblawi, 34, at a house in Edinburgh last October then tried to cover his tracks by cleaning the bloodspattered scene.
Following the shooting, Mercer's fellow gang members sprung into action to help him cover his tracks.
Then he tried to cover his tracks by pretending that the school's bank account was far healthier than it was.
The man had set up 18 air-mile accounts and had made numerous alterations to computer logs in a bid to cover his tracks.
If they had bothered to check they may have found that this exponent of morality tried to do his wife in by lacing her gin and tonic with poison - then tried to cover his tracks by spiking seven other tonic bottles at Safeway.