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arch cove

obsolete The leader of a male band of thieves or gypsies. The arch cove kept the audience dazzled and distracted while his gang went through and pickpocketed the crowd.
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bang-up cove

obsolete A stylish and well-groomed man who is spendthrift with his money and means. "Bang up" is an obsolete slang word for being extravagant or very fine, and "cove" is a British slang word for a man. My word, that dashing gentleman is certainly a bang-up cove; he has purchased food and drink for all of the patrons in the tavern.
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BTSI) 'issued a certification to the effect that Boracay West Cove is a bona fide customer, and it has been siphoning/dislodging its septic tank; hence, Boracay Island Water Corporation [BIWC] has no business with Boracay West Cove and has no knowledge with regard to its disposal and dislodging of Boracay West Cove's sewer.
It looked ominous for Cove when Falkirk punished an early Alan Redford mistake with the opener after one minute and 40 seconds.
I have been working with the residents of King Cove for over 30 years to help them get a life-saving road to the community of Cold Bay.
Cove scans and tidies documents and uses text recognition to suggest tags, effortlessly organising the documents.
Manatee Cove Realty will change its name to Brown Harris Stevens.
To solve this problem, King Cove residents have sought to build a one-lane, gravel road from King Cove to Cold Bay, across the two-mile-wide isthmus that links the towns.
Jugo said: "Since its launch in 2005, Anvaya Cove has had a warm and steady reception from the domestic and international secondhome market.
Whatever Cove manager Scott Edwards said to his team at half-time worked as they looked a much better team in the second half.
00) per share takeover offer for Cove was declared fully unconditional on 17 August and the compulsory bid for the remaining stock started on 23 August.
The offer by PTTEP will also be partly funded by cash, according to PTTEP and Cove.
The Emmy-nominated "Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality Competition" and one of Comedy Central's 100 best stand-up comedians will entertain Cove Haven Resorts - tickets are free with All-Inclusive Weekend Getaway.
Thailand: Thai oil giant PTT said Wednesday it had struck a deal to buy East Africa-focused Cove Energy for EeAu1.
Fish were collected in the same five coves each year, tagged with colored tags specific to each cove, and then released.
24 April 2012 - Royal Dutch Shell plc (LON:RDSA) has struck an agreement to buy Cove Energy Plc (LON:COV) through a recommended cash offer at GBP2.
McKenzie is a dolphin trainer at Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida.