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civility costs nothing

proverb It is easy to be respectful. You don't have to be their best friends, but you could at least say hi to them—civility costs nothing.
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courtesy costs nothing

proverb It is easy to be respectful. You don't have to be their best friends, but you could at least say hi to them—courtesy costs nothing.
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courtesy of (someone or something)

1. Provided by. All the film scenes in the documentary are courtesy of Paramount Pictures. For the new school year, we're all getting new laptops courtesy of a local charity.
2. Due to someone or something. We were able to remodel the gym courtesy of very generous alumni donations.
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do (one) the courtesy of (doing something)

To be considerate enough to do a particular thing. Would you at least do me the courtesy of not interrupting me?
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have the courtesy to (do something)

To be kind or polite enough to do something. I was late, but luckily Sean had the courtesy to save me a seat.
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out of courtesy (to one)

With kindly consideration or regard (to one); done so as not to offend or be impolite to one. I'm willing to overlook the incident this once out of courtesy to your father, but I won't hesitate to put you in prison if it ever happens again. We're letting him join in out of courtesy, not because we want to be friends with him.
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Civility costs nothing.

 and Courtesy costs nothing.
Prov. It never hurts you to be polite. Always greet people politely, no matter what you think of them. Civility costs nothing. Why not write Mildred a thank-you note? Courtesy costs nothing.
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out of courtesy (to someone)

in order to be polite to someone; out of consideration for someone. We invited Mary's brother out of courtesy to her. They invited me out of courtesy.
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courtesy of somebody/something

1 (also by courtesy of somebody/something) with the official permission of somebody/something and as a favour: The pictures have been reproduced by courtesy of the British Museum.
2 given as a prize or provided free by a person or an organization: Win a weekend in Rome, courtesy of Fiat.
3 as the result of a particular thing or situation: Viewers can see the stadium from the air, courtesy of a camera fastened to the plane.

do somebody the courtesy of doing something

be polite by doing the thing that is mentioned: Please do me the courtesy of listening to what I’m saying.

have the courtesy to do something

know when you should do something in order to be polite: You think he’d at least have the courtesy to call to say he’d be late.
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