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coup de grâce

An action or event that brings a swift end to suffering or a worsening situation. The phrase is French for "blow of mercy." The samurai delivered a merciful coup de grâce to his mortally wounded enemy. The large class action lawsuit was the coup de grâce that caused the failing company to finally go out of business.
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count coup

To detail one's successes or achievements in battle, as of Native American tribes. Tonight, we will gather to count coup.
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count coup

Among certain Native American peoples, to ceremoniously recount one's exploits in battle.
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CNN International published a report entitled, "Turkey Coup Attempt: Reaction on the Streets of Istanbul" on July 18, 2016, shortly after the coup attempt in Turkey.
Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said critics who claim the coup was a staged event aimed at rallying support for the government could face jail time.
Some members of the air force were involved in the coup.
Overall, military coups have a success rate of around 50-50 with the chance of success greater in smaller and less advanced societies.
ISLAMABAD -- Chairman Pakistan People's Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has condemned the attempted coup in Turkey and expressed the hope that Turkey will come out as a stronger democracy and stronger nation after quashing the coup.
With a desperate need for cooperation with the coup perpetrators, junta members and Ergenekon supporters in order to ward off pressures regarding the graft scandal, the AKP government hastily vindicated them and, at the same time, came up with numerous new forms of coups d'etat.
Gusto lang iyang pagtakpan ang Mamasapano issue sa pagdadawit ng pangalan ko sa coup (The 44 SAF policemen died.
Binay, was one of the trusted men of the late President Corazon Aquino who faced several coup attempts.
Syria, which did not fail to catch up with Iraq, saw three coups in 1949 that brought, successively, Hosni al-Zaim, Sami Hinawi, and Adib Shishakli to power.
Exhaust emissions and fuel economy have been improved significantly and the changes apply to all coup, cabriolet and Sportback versions.
Amidst these fears, al-MalikiAEs governing bloc consists of those who opt for coups d'tat, especially after they have already concurred with the old Baathists and officers of the former army.
SANTA CLARITA -- Members of Santa Clarita's small Thai community worried Tuesday about family back home -- after the prime minister was overthrown in a bloodless military coup.
The reason why you don't hear about coups much is that they don't come off too frequently and they take a lot of planning and require the integrity of a whole lot of people who could blow the entire shooting match by indiscretion or greed.
African Military Coups d'Etat, 1956-2001: Frequency, Trends and Distribution" by Patrick J.
Obviously, in democracies, justification for military coups is hard to find (although not impossible in exceptional cases), but what about dictatorships?