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couple with

1. To connect or fasten two things together. A noun or pronoun can be used between "couple" and "with." We still need to couple the trailer with the truck before we can leave.
2. To form a pair with someone else. A noun or pronoun can be used between "couple" and "with." When the teacher told us that we could work with a classmate on the assignment, I immediately coupled with my best friend.
3. euphemism To have sex with someone. A noun or pronoun can be used between "couple" and "with." My roommate hasn't been home any night this week—I wonder who he's coupling with.
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couple someone with someone

to join one person with another to make a pair. I coupled Todd with Amy for the dinner party.
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couple something with something

to join one thing with another to make a pair. We coupled the budget issue with the staffing issue for our agenda.
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couple with someone

Euph. to have sexual intercourse with someone. They coupled with each other in a night of passion.
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couple with something

to connect or join to something. This railroad car will couple with the engine. These cars did not couple with the others properly, and there was almost an accident.
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Among couples with unmet need; 41-49% were concordant (that is, both partners reported having unmet need); the remaining couples had discordant unmet need, reported either by the wife only (33-40%) or the husband only (15-23%).
Theresa Roetter, a Madison attorney who specializes in adoption cases, says same-sex couples with children are justifiably worried.
Same-sex couples with children may experience challenges in terms of social connectedness.
England's groundbreaking Civil Partnership Bill, which is currently in parliament and would provide gay couples with almost all the rights and protections of marriage, is also expected to pass next year.
For example, detailed prospective TTP studies have sometimes included couples with higher-than-average educational level (Wilcox et al.
Couples with a high standard of living conceived sooner than those with a low standard (seven vs.
Married heterosexual couples with children comprise only 23 percent of U.S.
Providing couples with the right tools to build strong marriages often means blending psychology and religion.
That, at least, is the implication of a preliminary study of couples with either a depressed husband or wife.
Couples with five, eight, ten children don't even try to keep up with the Joneses (in fact, their kids are probably wearing the Joneses' cast-offs).
When it comes to couples with children, a commuter marriage is usually not recommended as a long-term arrangement.
Despite his distaste for paint-by-the-numbers problem solving, Thomas does have some telling reflections for couples with "problems." He says that communication as such isn't often the problem, but "misunderstandings" are.
The third investigation involves 26 lesbian couples with 4- to 9-year-old children conceived through artificial insemination.
The groups warned that while getting married seems like a great idea, "many [same-sex] married couples will also experience discrimination...and couples with a member in the military, or on public assistance, or in the U.S.