couple together

couple (something) together

To connect or fasten two things together. We still need to couple the trailer and the truck together before we can leave.
See also: couple, together

couple something together

to attach two parts of something together. Couple these two cars together and put them on track seven. You have to couple the ends of the two hoses together before you turn on the water.
See also: couple, together
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The next photo shows the couple together, both in casual wear.
HUGHIE Maughan has told of his relief things are "amicable" with his ex Ryan Ruckledge - after sharing snaps of the former couple together at a club.
Nothing brings a couple together like toppling a Nazi stronghold with a hail of gunfire.
Just because they don't want to be a couple together, doesn't mean that they have to hate one another.
Harry now has a new team around him and their role is to advise the couple together.
At a Choosing Options Together meeting we see the couple together to discuss their situation.
She later posted a photograph of the couple together on her Twitter page, with the caption: "ThugLife #MERRYCHRISTMAs.
And getting the couple together is a coup for convention chiefs - because both stars have full diaries going into the New Year.
GROOMED Waitress just can't resist MACHO Surf dude Gerard takes a shave ITEM The couple together in May STUNNING Madalina Ghenea
Both partners are asked to present the certificate of marriageability, in Mr Bray's case a Walsall Council tax demand, and three formal photos of the couple together.
One situation he has found recurring over his 40 years in practice, he says, is that the very desire that brings a couple together mysteriously transforms into a force that separates them as violently as it once united them.
The divorce ruling is void, therefore the return of the couple together is inevitable now and does not require (another) marriage ceremony," their legal representative Ahmad al-Sudairi told the newspaper.
RESEARCH this week claims that love is only a small part of what keeps a couple together.
Rev George Bringham flew ahead of the couple on the wings of a third aircraft and brought the Lancashire couple together in holy matrimony over an airborne communications system.
When Guan Yongxing was assigned to work in Beijing and her husband-to-be to Anhui Province, over 24 hours away by train, no one was willing to help keep the couple together.