couple to

couple (something) (on)to (something)

To connect or fasten two things together. We still need to couple the trailer to the truck before we can leave. I coupled the latch onto the peg, so it should stay secure.
See also: couple

couple something (on)to something

 and couple something on (to something); couple something on
to attach something to something. Couple this connector to that one. The railroad worker coupled on the next car in line. Couple the green one onto the red one.
See also: couple
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To express this reality, it would seem more meaningful for the couple to fulfill a liturgical role such as distributing Communion or leading the Prayers of the Faithful.
Not only is it poor stewardship for parents or the couple to incur serious debt or to delay the wedding far into the future for the sake of a one-day event, it's simply not in keeping with a sacrament.
1--The Canadian edition of Time magazine picks Michael Stark and Michael Leshner, the first gay couple to be married in Ontario, as the top newsmakers of 2003.
Already, the Los Angeles Times has reported the decision of one couple to conceive a child for the purpose of using it as a bone marrow donor for its sibling.
Planning tip: A state may recognize common-law marriage and simultaneously allow a cohabiting couple to choose whether they want to be considered as married.
When only one of the taxpayers in a recognized common-law marriage has taxable income, it is generally more advantageous for the couple to file MFJ.
God doesn't desire for any couple to be infertile, she says.
That experience in turn prompted the couple to sign on as plaintiffs in Baker v.
Canon law ordinarily requires a couple to marry before a priest or deacon in a church.