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coup de grâce

An action or event that brings a swift end to suffering or a worsening situation. The phrase is French for "blow of mercy." The samurai delivered a merciful coup de grâce to his mortally wounded enemy. The large class action lawsuit was the coup de grâce that caused the failing company to finally go out of business.
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count coup

To detail one's successes or achievements in battle, as of Native American tribes. Tonight, we will gather to count coup.
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count coup

Among certain Native American peoples, to ceremoniously recount one's exploits in battle.
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Since the attempted coup, Turkish authorities have jailed around 50,000 people pending trial while more than 150,000 have been sacked or suspended from their jobs in the military, public and private sectors.
The government says the measures, taken under emergency rule that was imposed after the coup, are necessary due to the security threats Turkey faces.
European leaders have been critical of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan over his government's crackdown following last year's botched military coup in the country.
The government says the coup plotters used Akinci air base as their headquarters.
Gasiorowski says there is also no indication in the documents of exactly when US officials decided to begin preparations for a coup, though this seems to have occurred between March 4 and April 2, 1953.
Historians have cited minor attempts at coup d'etats since then, including the days between President Franklin D.
However, the fact that the resistance of civil society, which was the main element in repelling the attempted coup of July 15, was witnessed and reflected in the street, and the fact that this resistance contains within itself the main codes of a sustainable democracy, point to the culmination of a transition into a powerful and efficient society and civil society order, which struggles to cure social problems.
When it became certain that the coup plotters failed, those media outlets came up with new headlines.
According to the statement, the pro-coup members forced the Chief of the General Staff Akar to sign and read out the coup statement on TV.
In a statement the President described the forces behind the coup as a "virus" that had infected much of the country and needed to be cleansed.
Some more creatively-minded Turkish citizens have since suggested that this may have been a "fake coup," a piece of theatre (#darbedegiltiyatro), organized by Erdogan himself to consolidate power.
The people of Turkey deserve to be complimented for coming out into the streets and face military tanks and artillery with bare hands to force the coup makers run, he said in a statement.
Luttwak presents readers with an examination of the vulnerability of democratic governments during periods of prolonged economic distress and the phenomenon of the coup dAE<AEe>tat.
They did this by whitewashing the junta structures within the army, whose coup attempts were proven with concrete evidence.
De Castro said those who were floating the coup plot idea merely wanted to save President Aquino from further criticisms because of the Mamasapano clash.