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coup de grâce

An action or event that brings a swift end to suffering or a worsening situation. The phrase is French for "blow of mercy." The samurai delivered a merciful coup de grâce to his mortally wounded enemy. The large class action lawsuit was the coup de grâce that caused the failing company to finally go out of business.
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count coup

Among certain Native American peoples, to ceremoniously recount one's exploits in battle.
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This frolic put every one in such spirits, that Polly forgot her trouble, and the little girls kissed each other good-night as affectionately as if such things as imported frocks, coup,s, and rival brothers did n't exist "Well, Polly, do you like parties?
Well, you wouldn't think it, but I have a fairly complete list of the people who were at the various functions under cover of which these different little coups were brought off.
Once the coup collapsed under the weight of its protruding right wing, the Bush Administration looked awfully silly.
Opus Dei, a secretive and ultra-conservative Roman Catholic group that operates internationally, is reported to have played a role in the failed coup aimed at Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez.
Caption(s): Above: Michael Coup pays homage to 60 years of the VornadoFan.
They are being supported by members of the disbanded army that ousted Aristide in a 1991 coup and civilians frustrated by deepening poverty.
At press time, Aristide, who had been arrested by coup leaders, was allowed safe passage to Venezuela.
Who: Hosted by Janeane Garafolo with performances by The Nightwatchman (Tom Morello), Brad Wilk of Audioslave, Serj Tankian of System of a Down, Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour, Phantom Planet, Lester Chambers of the Chambers Brothers, and Boots Riley of The Coup
I thank security and defense forces who didn't join coup plotters," said Nkurunziza.
Even though our host's status changed after the coup, he is still living well-but not by American standards.
Dunham, who owned property in Haiti and lived there part of the year until the coup, has written that she, too, has experienced possession by the spirits and has felt that moment preceding it when the drums stop and the body is no longer one's.
In the days before the coup, Dulles personally appealed to Sulzberger, and the Times publisher obliged the CIA.
The Solomon Islands have been in turmoil since June when ethnic unrest between militant factions from Malaita and from Guadalcanal led to a coup.
The coup was followed five days later by the Turkish invasion, which resulted in the occupation of 37 per cent of the Republic's territory and its de facto division.
12 coup, Tan said:"Reis-i Cumhur [leader of public, an old Ottoman term for president] asks what the Kurds want.