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Organizations actually providing treatment in developing countries fear that the new system will obstruct access, and that poor countries that cannot manufacture their own pharmaceuticals will be worse off in the future.
Emerging Europe looks at the real estate potential of 13 emerging countries, including the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia--all due to join the EU in 2004.
In many developing countries, software piracy is more a matter of survival than an intent to break the law.
The American Servicemembers' Protection Act halts particular kinds of military aid to countries that refused to toe the Bush Administration line.
But maybe these monies will actually go to the poor; after all, the developed nations recently forgave much of the debt owed by developing African countries. Right?
Let's look at what's happening on the ground in two of the most challenged countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Niger and Kenya.
For #15-16, name the countries at these coordinates and their capitals:
Amongst those countries with large economic imbalances that still stand out are Hungary, the Philippines, and Turkey.
Second, there are still countries, such as Zambia, which are paying far too much on debt repayment.
Sachs stresses that the rich countries have repeatedly promised to help the poor countries achieve these goals through increased development assistance and that this can be accomplished within the bounds of what's already been promised.
Like the governments of other former Soviet bloc countries, the Czech government at the time was rigid and ill-prepared to establish and coordinate communication strategies among its many ministries and departments.
Most career guidance services in most countries are paid for by governments, whether at the national, regional, or local level.
Analysts expect that as the steel industry dynamics change, more steel making will gravitate toward Eastern European countries, where costs are much lower.
"These losses have a profound economic impact in countries around the world.
To help students understand why people in many countries see the American focus on terrorism as dismissive of economic and social problems they see as more pressing.