count (one's) blessings

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count (one's) blessings

To reflect on the good things in one's life and be grateful for them. I know you're disappointed that you didn't come in first, but so many other incredible things have happened to you this year. Count your blessings, my darling. I try to count my blessings every day—it's a great antidote to sadness!
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count your blessings

be grateful for what you have.
2003 The Hindu: Literary Review At forty you ruminate. Mostly about life and what it has done to you. At forty you count your blessings. And accept the bitter dollops that have been flung your way.
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count your ˈblessings

realize how lucky you are and not complain: Stop looking so miserable and count your blessings! At least you’ve still got a job and somewhere to live.
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count one's blessings

Appreciate what one has, or one’s good fortune. This Pollyanna-like phrase is often used to help avoid worrying about what one lacks or one’s bad luck. (Pollyanna, a children’s book from the early 1900s by Eleanor H. Porter, is the story of an orphan girl who remains resolutely cheerful and sweet-tempered in the face of considerable adversity.) A modern version of the cliché is think positive.
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SOUTHERN ILLINOIS -- For many, November begins a holiday season of counting one's blessings and giving back to those less fortunate.
Some Wiccan rituals for Mabon include building an altar with harvest fruits and vegetables, meditating on balance, gathering and feasting on apples, offering apples to the goddess, sharing food, and counting one's blessings.
Regular aerobic exercises, eating right, a firm goodbye to alcohol and smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, keeping stress away, being happy despite all odds, living with an attitude of gratitude, counting one's blessings and not curses, forgiving the offences and loving even the offender et al are sure ways to keep one's heart healthy and hearty.
As Susan Pinker, a columnist for The Wall Street Journal, points out in a piece in her blog Mind and Matter titled "When Does Gratitude Bring Better Health?" "Counting one's blessings, as opposed to life's annoyances, seems to bring with it all kinds of benefits: resilience, better health, a rosier outlook -- even a longer, more restful night's sleep and a sense of connectedness to other people." Read the full article to see some of the main points that have been learned from a study reported in 2003 by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.
Counting one's blessings; the selected letters of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.
A sculptor and painter as well as a poet, Claire Ferguson Walker recites works on the subject of the beauty myth, counting one's blessings, and the stresses of our hi-tech digital world.
Counting One's Blessings: The Selected Letters of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.
PAIs, such as counting one's blessings, practicing optimism, performing acts of kindness, and using one's unique strengths, "teach patients ways to increase their positive cognitions, emotions, and behaviours without professional help," say the researchers.