counter with

counter with (something)

1. To respond to something with something or in a particular way. A noun or pronoun can be used between "counter" and "with." Amanda can always counter a joke with a witty retort of her own. I was annoyed by that comment, so I countered with a scowl.
2. To refute someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "counter" and "with." When the suspect countered with an alibi, we had to release him.
See also: counter

counter someone or something with something

to refute someone or something with something. She countered our evidence with an eyewitness. I countered Nancy with a better argument.
See also: counter

counter with something

to say something in refutation of something; to strike back with something. Aren't you going to counter with an argument? He countered with a punch in the jaw.
See also: counter
References in classic literature ?
He addressed the envelope on the counter with the German name of a certain person living in Vienna.
Manufacturers are offering dust particle counter with built-in camera to simultaneously measure and display dew point, wet bulb, air temperature, and multiple channels of particle sizes.
It lost 50 paisa on the buying counter, but did not show any change on the selling counter with the euro trading at Rs136.00 Rs140.50 against the previous weekend levels of Rs135.50 and Rs140.50.
Players take turns to write one of the digits from 1 to 9 (or place a counter with that digit) in any empty square on the board.
"Plan B needs to be on the counter with condoms and other over-the-counter contraceptives to encourage use of the product," the groups wrote in the letter.
It lost 25 paisa on the selling counter with the euro trading at Rs139.50 and Rs143.50.