count (someone or something) among (something)

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count (someone or something) among (something)

To include someone or something in a particular group or category. I certainly count my daughter among my life's greatest blessings. Yes, we are counting this infraction among the other demerits you've gotten this year.
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count someone among something

to consider someone as a particular type of person or part of a particular group. I count her among my closest friends. Rachel counted herself among the luckiest people alive.
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count among

1. To consider someone or something a part of some group: The company counts many important people among its clients.
2. To be considered a part of some group: The new novel counts among the author's greatest works.
See also: among, count
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Count us among those pleased that the millionaire owners and the millionaire players who constitute the National Hockey League have worked out a deal to play hockey.
Count us among those surprised, pleasantly so, to read Pine Bluff National Bank Chairman John Garrison's encouraging words about abundant irrigated crops in southeast Arkansas.
Count us among those applauding last week for the Obama Administration's robust defense of the use of unmanned drones for targeted strikes against al Qaida in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.
Now, count us among the horde that's obsessed with the Homes of the Stars.
Count us among those uninspired by the state Highway Department's three designs to replace Little Rock's old, but still elegant, Broadway Bridge.
Count us among those pleasantly surprised to hear that Marlboro - yes, that small crossroads city a bit east of Worcester - has been chosen by Bloomberg Businessweek.