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count on (someone or something)

1. To use one's fingers to count. She can already count on her fingers, even though she's only two years old! I can count on one hand the number of times he's offered to help me.
2. To put one's trust in someone or something (to do something). We're counting on you to handle this problem, Janet. I know I can count on this old truck to get me anywhere I need to go.
3. To depend or rely on someone or something (to do something). You can't be so quick to quit your job, now that you've got a family who's counting on you. A lot of people count on these welfare payments to get by each month.
4. To be able to reliably expect something (to happen or be the case). I wouldn't count on the senator continuing to support you after everything that's happened. We hadn't counted on the health inspector showing up so early.
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count (up)on someone or something

to rely on someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Can I count upon you to do the job? You can count on me.
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count on someone or something

to rely on someone or something; to depend on someone or something. We can count on Bill to get the job done. Can I count on this car to start every morning of the year?
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count on

Also, count upon. Rely on, depend on, as in You can always count on Kent to be punctual, or Carol was counting upon getting a raise in spring. [First half of 1600s]
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count on

1. To rely or depend on someone or something: I was counting on getting a raise when I made the decision to purchase a house.
2. To be confident of something; anticipate something: We are counting on a great vacation this summer.
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That would come as a huge blow to Ireland boss Giovanni Trapattoni, who has been able to count upon O'Shea as one of his most dependable performers during his four years at the helm.
"The club has been able to count upon the services of some of topclass coaches in recent times," said director of cricket Ashley Giles.
Red Star cannot count upon Robbie Bird, who is with Durham County Under-18s in Kent.
Sharapova's decision is a major boost for tournament organisers who can now count upon a significant increase in attendance figures.
Roberto Mancini can at least count upon home comforts - City have won their last ten domestic fixtures in front of their own fans - and they've already scored 17 goals in five league outings.
But with Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard in their ranks, Carragher believes Liverpool can count upon two players whose current form puts them up there with anyone in world football at the moment.
They cannot count upon David Southern, Michael Robson, Gary Forbes or Danny Shore.
With Barry Williams also definitely sidelined, Burr is short on defensive cover although he has Dave Crowley to count upon if the situation does become more pressing.
Some stick around longer than others and today you appreciate those people whose loyalty you can count upon. And that may mean that one person will be honest about one plan you have.
As Phil told those who braved the wind and rain in his concluding remarks: 'The families have asked me to tell you that they know how lucky they are - we know that we can count upon your unconditional support and that we will never walk alone