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count (up)on (someone or something)

1. To rely on someone or something. I can always count on my sister to cheer me up after a tough day.
2. To expect or anticipate something. I hope you weren't counting on a Christmas bonus because I don't think we're getting them this year.
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count (up)on someone or something

to rely on someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Can I count upon you to do the job? You can count on me.
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count on someone or something

to rely on someone or something; to depend on someone or something. We can count on Bill to get the job done. Can I count on this car to start every morning of the year?
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count on

Also, count upon. Rely on, depend on, as in You can always count on Kent to be punctual, or Carol was counting upon getting a raise in spring. [First half of 1600s]
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count on

1. To rely or depend on someone or something: I was counting on getting a raise when I made the decision to purchase a house.
2. To be confident of something; anticipate something: We are counting on a great vacation this summer.
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To this end, it is fundamental to count upon the appropriate human resources, which constitute the most valuable asset on which a country can count upon, although sometimes, unbelievably, this seems to be not well understood.
This leads to constructing a costly quality control and inspection apparatus--an apparatus that is not counted as part of the shop floor head count upon which productivity is assessed.
Public opinion is in flux but Americans still support the war, except about half the Democrats--the half whose support the Democratic candidates can count upon.
Where does he find the kind of kids who can lighten up the load as the season progresses, whom he can count upon to:
He has neither, to my knowledge, repudiated statements made to Hitler in the 1940s that he, Hitler, could count upon his and the Palestinians' support to eradicate all Jews.
Our young warriors count upon our leadership and judgment to keep them safe.
Of course, the big bass drum we count upon is here, too, used to good effect in the Fanfare mad adding spectacle elsewhere, but it does begin getting tiresome in piece after piece.
There was little to count upon in the African-American community, and local teams were no exception.