count (someone or something) among (something)

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count (someone or something) among (something)

To include someone or something in a particular group or category. I certainly count my daughter among my life's greatest blessings. Yes, we are counting this infraction among the other demerits you've gotten this year.
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count someone among something

to consider someone as a particular type of person or part of a particular group. I count her among my closest friends. Rachel counted herself among the luckiest people alive.
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count among

1. To consider someone or something a part of some group: The company counts many important people among its clients.
2. To be considered a part of some group: The new novel counts among the author's greatest works.
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She said: "I don't know why we've bonded like we have but I'd count them among my best friends.
We are delighted to count them among our enthusiast brands," said Bruce Bear, agency president.
Paul Wareham, managing director of PK-Advantage, said, 'We are delighted to be associated with such major names as Calor Gas and DFDS Transport, and to count them among our customers.
''The support by Japan causes us to count them among that number of very helpful coalition partners in this global war on terrorism,'' Gen.
I wish I could tell you that people routinely come running up to me in droves after a presentation, asking me to count them among the enlightened, but that's not real life.
We are proud to count them among our faculty, and our educational program is clearly enriched by their participation.