count (one's) blessings

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count (one's) blessings

To reflect on the good things in one's life and be grateful for them. I know you're disappointed that you didn't come in first, but so many other incredible things have happened to you this year. Count your blessings, my darling. I try to count my blessings every day—it's a great antidote to sadness!
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count your blessings

be grateful for what you have.
2003 The Hindu: Literary Review At forty you ruminate. Mostly about life and what it has done to you. At forty you count your blessings. And accept the bitter dollops that have been flung your way.
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count your ˈblessings

realize how lucky you are and not complain: Stop looking so miserable and count your blessings! At least you’ve still got a job and somewhere to live.
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When I catch myself in this kind of mood, I dwell on the positive and count my blessings, in particular the wonderful and kind people I've met in life - encounters of the best kind.
20 EACH day I count my blessings when I wake, For my weak stem is woven round a Rose, Now when the swirling winter winds do shake, She keeps me firm and holds my petals close, Without this rose's roots my stem would fall, Thank God next to me her seed was planted, Her holding up my fragile flower tall.
So I count my blessings in that I've still got an audience that comes and sees me.
When I count my blessings, I count Geico twice," Buffett adds.
I wake each morning and count my blessings and give thanks to Assia and Kelvin Newton and daughters Charmaine, Sophia and Sameera and their wider family for their decision to agree that Daniel's organs be donated.
But this year, I am taking a deep breath and trying to count my blessings.
I just count my blessings that I have a job that I love and other people find interesting.
I count my blessings on days when we really need 200 registrations and only two arrive," she writes.
And I count my blessings daily for the things that I hold dear.
I can't see him but I count my blessings every day because of the fact that he's still here.
He told the Daily Star: "I count my blessings that we were not among the horror stories that are emerging every day.
At the time she said: "I count my blessings every day.