count (someone or something) among (something)

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count (someone or something) among (something)

To include someone or something in a particular group or category. I certainly count my daughter among my life's greatest blessings. Yes, we are counting this infraction among the other demerits you've gotten this year.
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count someone among something

to consider someone as a particular type of person or part of a particular group. I count her among my closest friends. Rachel counted herself among the luckiest people alive.
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count among

1. To consider someone or something a part of some group: The company counts many important people among its clients.
2. To be considered a part of some group: The new novel counts among the author's greatest works.
See also: among, count
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Count him among the converted - he still marvels at the Web and those who dwell in it.
Though Fugate says he sells a lot of these titles himself (and he is mindful to hold back on getting preachy with customers), it is fair to count him among the readers who dislike the genre.
So count him among the dead, despite countless sightings, impersonators and jokes.