count for

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count for (something)

To have value. This phrase is often used in the negative to convey the opposite. If I fail the test after weeks of studying, all of that effort will count for nothing. I at least sent her a text. That's got to count for something!
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count for something

to be valid for something; to be worth something. Doesn't all my work count for anything? Your positive attitude counts for a lot as far as I'm concerned.
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count for

1. Have importance or worth, as in Doesn't his long tenure count for anything? or Does this tournament count for computer points? This usage employs count in the sense of "enter into a reckoning." [Mid-1800s]
2. count for nothing. Have no influence or effect, as in All his work counts for nothing since they've dropped the project. This idiom was first recorded in 1861.
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References in classic literature ?
Birth, life and education count for nothing when the great days come, when the mother voice speaks.
And goes about saying that personal actions count for nothing, and there always will be rich and poor.
And your agony of sorrow is to count for nothing, then, sweet unselfish child
No, distinctly she has not the art; and in that respect good intentions alone count for nothing.
And Thompson, 34, is desperate to lift the trophy to ensure his side's heroics don't count for nothing.
WALES Under-20 coach Danny Wilson has warned his side their stunning World Cup 9-6 victory over New Zealand will count for nothing unless they defeat Samoa tomorrow in South Africa.
Roberto Di Matteo insists his own Wembley wizardry and the hex he holds over Spurs will count for nothing in today's semi-final showdown.
Unless they are shareholders the fans own nothing and their voices count for nothing.
DANNY WILSON has warned that memories count for nothing after returning for a second spell as Barnsley manager.
But that could all count for nothing if the National Grid does not prepare for a new generation of offshore wind farms.
But, with world number one Roger Federer and dangerous Spaniard Fernando Verdasco still to come in the round-robin stage of the event, Murray knows his perfect start could count for nothing.
BARCELONA may have set a new record of 50 points at the halfway mark of the Spanish La Liga season, but Thierry Henry has warned his team it will count for nothing if they don't back it up with trophies.
JOHN Brudair says beating Nemo Rangers will count for nothing if Dromcollogher/Broadford fail at the Gaelic Grounds today.
But amid fears from some Chelsea fans that the "Special One" could take revenge on Roman Abramovich and former Milan rival Carlo Ancelotti, Ballack insisted the Mourinho factor will count for nothing .
RANGERS midfielder Steven Davis insists Celtic's recent impressive form will count for nothing when they go head to head tonight.