count among

count (someone or something) among (something)

To include someone or something in a particular group or category. I certainly count my daughter among my life's greatest blessings. Yes, we are counting this infraction among the other demerits you've gotten this year.
See also: among, count

count someone among something

to consider someone as a particular type of person or part of a particular group. I count her among my closest friends. Rachel counted herself among the luckiest people alive.
See also: among, count

count among

1. To consider someone or something a part of some group: The company counts many important people among its clients.
2. To be considered a part of some group: The new novel counts among the author's greatest works.
See also: among, count
References in classic literature ?
But with these machines--Sir, this ride of ours will count among the historical rides of the world
I count among my friends a former staffer for John Ashcroft; while we will never agree politically, we can talk and laugh for hours about our families and our lives knowing we are bound by a common faith, not separated by ideology.
That study, which involved 3,810 infants from 0 to 89 days old, found a bacteremia incidence of 1% (38 cases), and the median total peripheral white blood cell count among the infants with bacteremia was not significantly different from the count among those without it (Ann.
These sites count among the best for tracking new mileage deals and promotions.
Insufficient Tracking of Retention and Lack of Attorney Buy-in Count among Key Reasons for Mediocre Results
Elton John, Barbara Walters, the Rolling Stones, Vice President Gore, Kenneth Cole and Tommy Hilfiger count among his many celebrity clients.
OZ is proud to count among its customers and partners: AOL(TM), Bell Mobility, Cingular, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Siemens, SonyEricsson, Sprint, TCL & Alcatel Mobile Phones and T-Mobile USA(R).