count against

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count against (one)

1. To view one negatively because of something they have done. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is usually used between "count" and "against." Aunt Jane was pretty cold to me today—I think she still counts my criticism of her driving against me.
2. To be a detriment or liability to one. Her youthful exuberance counted against her when she spoke out of turn at the meeting. Your prior infractions will certainly count against you during your sentencing.
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count something against someone

to regard something in a negative way against someone. I'm afraid we must count this against you as an unexcused absence. Don't count that last strike against the batter.
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count against someone

[for something] to be held against someone; [for something] to weigh against someone. I hope this mistake doesn't count against me. Don't worry, it won't count against you at all.
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count against

Be disadvantageous to, as in His earnings this year will count against his Social Security benefits. This idiom uses count in the sense of "make a reckoning," in this case negative. [Early 1900s]
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count against

1. To be a liability to someone; weigh against someone: The team's inexperience will count against them when they play more difficult opponents.
2. To hold something against someone: The teacher counted my absences against me.
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The Norweigan club champions defeated CLU 72-58, but the loss does not count against the Kingsmen's record because it was an exhibition game.
The fact he's starting on Friday means we'll have to make first impressions count against him.
The toughest stance is taken by the financial services sector, where 77 per cent say mistakes count against an applicant.
Despite a heavy penalty count against them, West Park reached half time with a narrow 12-11 lead.
In other words, will they get a ``fresh clock,'' or will their existing terms count against them?
Beckham discovered the force of a Duscher tackle when he broke his metatarsal in a Champions League game but Duscher told The SP: "I don't think what happened with Beckham will count against me.
Di Canio will be 36 in the summer and still feels he could play on, but his return of only four goals for the Addicks could count against him.
In addition, Lieberman proposes changing the current law so that Pell grant eligibility will not count against a family's eligibility for tuition tax credits, allowing lower income families with some tax liability to also benefit from tax credits.
Although the red card will technically remain on his record, it will not count against him in disciplinary terms after he argued that the connection with Cole's face was entirely accidental.
Once downloaded, the library of automotive repair information is stored on users' cell phones, not on the Internet, a benefit because information is retrieved faster and viewing it doesn't count against monthly minutes.
I know lessons have to be learned after the JLS saga, but remember this great city is vying to be a culture capital and our inability to stage safe, free events surely has to count against us.
However, the ground is going to be on the soft side this evening, which will count against him and, as a result, I've got to favour Baddam to get the better of him in the match.
Both face a charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice, as well as theft and Akram alone has a third count against him, relating the possession of an imitation firearm.
WAYNE ROONEY is not concerned about the nationality of Sven-Goran Eriksson's successor, while former England skipper Alan Shearer insists Stuart Pearce's inexperience should not count against him if the FA choose a home-grown candidate.
A Kern County Superior Court judge on Wednesday granted a request by prosecutors to dismiss the remaining count against 55-year-old John Heinatz of Rosamond on which jurors deadlocked 8-4 in favor of not guilty.