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a counsel of despair

An admission of defeat, hopelessness, or resignation to a particular negative outcome or situation. It saddens me to hear such a counsel of despair from our president about the situation regarding our healthcare system. Though obviously spruced up with media-friendly spin, the PR statement amounted to little more than a counsel of despair regarding the company's future outlooks.
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a counsel of perfection

Instructions or advice given for one to attain an ideal but unfeasible or unrealizable standard. But in the current market, those enter the workforce are coming up against a counsel of perfection, demanding that they have not only a college degree or two, but also several years' experience and a huge list of professional references if they hope to find any job that pays more than minimum wage.
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a fool may give a wise man counsel

Do not be overconfident in others' advice. I know you hold Bill in high esteem, but I don't think you should do as he suggested. Just keep in mind that a fool may give a wise man counsel.
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counsel (someone) about (something)

To advise one on a particular topic or issue. Since you used to handle this project, can you counsel Joanne about it?
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counsel (someone) against (something)

To advise one against taking some action. As his defense lawyer, you need to counsel your client against making incriminating statements like that.
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keep (one's) own counsel

To not share one's thoughts or plans with others. I'm just naturally a private person, so I keep my own counsel.
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counsel someone about something

to give advice to someone about something. Will you counsel George about which tires to buy?
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counsel someone against something

to advise someone against doing something. The lawyer counseled her against suing the government. I was counseled against going for a walk alone at night.
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keep one's own counsel

Fig. to keep one's thoughts and plans to oneself; to withhold from other people one's thoughts and plans. Jane is very quiet. She tends to keep her own counsel. I advise you to keep your own counsel.
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keep one's own counsel

Say little or nothing about one's opinions or intentions. For example, Betty is notorious for keeping her own counsel; you never know what she really thinks. This expression employs counsel in the sense of "a secret," a usage dating from about 1300.
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a counsel of despair

an action to be taken when all else fails.
2003 Guardian This is not a counsel of despair. The argument in favour of the euro can be won, as Winning From Behind, a pamphlet published today by Britain in Europe, argues.
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a counsel of perfection

advice that is ideal but not feasible.
1986 E. Hall in Home Owner Manual Twice yearly desludging has been recommended but this is probably a counsel of perfection.
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keep your own ˈcounsel

(formal) keep your thoughts, plans, etc. secret: Try to keep your own counsel when you’re with him, or he’ll tell everyone what you say.
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