counsel against

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counsel (someone) against (something)

To advise one against taking some action. As his defense lawyer, you need to counsel your client against making incriminating statements like that.
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counsel someone against something

to advise someone against doing something. The lawyer counseled her against suing the government. I was counseled against going for a walk alone at night.
See also: counsel
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NetApp has been using analytics software that allows us to benchmark outside counsel against our own set of firms and firms providing similar services, revealing where they stand in terms of value alignment.
Combined with TyMetrix s legal analytics offerings, users can also benchmark AFA proposals from their external counsel against industry peer data.
Two defeats to Cardiff and Scarlets in Cork last season and Edinburgh's 34-23 round one loss to Munster at Thomond Park also counsel against expecting a total home stroll.
The Archbishop of Canterbury's wise counsel against pinning hope on individuals, and ignoring complexity and humanity, was particularly timely.
The case was built on a 'confessional statement' that Nasir made in a petition filed by his legal counsel against an English daily after the newspaper published a report of his alleged involvement in embezzlement, the report said.
Having experienced heart problems during his time as manager of Liverpool, he accepts he may have to follow doctors' advice if they counsel against a return to the dugout but would have liked to continue at the midlands club when fit again.
1013 (2009), held that federal courts cannot fashion a Bivens action when "special factors" counsel against doing so, determining that the "danger of obstructing U.
Justice Raja Elango, who had heard the bail plea as well as the arguments of the Central Bureau of Investigation counsel against releasing Raju on bail, granted him conditional bail yesterday.
It would be ironic if the nonnative bug can reduce the growth and spread of knotweed because ecologists all around the world are concerned about non-native species damaging local ecosystems, and generally counsel against deliberately introducing them.
Although the authors entertain the possibility that the medication used might have been 'too little, too late' and that negative effects were not observed, they counsel against the prescription of these vitamins because they have shown them to be ineffective.
The military commanders who implemented the successful surge now counsel against hasty withdrawal, lest those gains be lost.
Generation will strongly counsel against purchase of unsuitable products with funds from any source including reverse mortgage proceeds.
Against Your nation t= hey deviously plot, and take counsel against those whom you protect.
Historians can suggest, on the basis of past precedents, what might or might not work and counsel against raising public expectations that policies will be instantly effective.
The Foreign Office strengthened its travel advice to counsel against all but essential travel to the country.