counsel against

counsel (someone) against (something)

To advise one against taking some action. As his defense lawyer, you need to counsel your client against making incriminating statements like that.
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counsel someone against something

to advise someone against doing something. The lawyer counseled her against suing the government. I was counseled against going for a walk alone at night.
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On this, a student, Ifra Arif filed a petition in the LHC by her counsel against the decision of RBISE for re-examination of the said papers, by giving the arguments that papers were leaked due to negligence of board officials not students as the papers were distributed among the first shift candidates by the board officials.
Moreover, the court rejected the objections of Nehal Hashmi's counsel against bench and also overturned his request of establishing larger bench.
The fact that gun violence has been declining for decades should counsel against fatalism.
But soon after, a petition was filed in the LHC by Professor Dr Zafar Iqbal Randhawa through his counsel against the alleged illegalities being committed in the appointment process.During the case hearing the complainants counsel, Ahsan Bhoon, on the behalf of the petitioner argued that the appointment process being followed is against the courts orders and also different from the process followed in other universities.
So, they must weigh the benefits of getting an opinion of counsel against the potential impact an opinion of counsel may have on the attorney-client privilege.
Speaking from personal experience, I strongly counsel against this career move.
Here we have a very well-meaning, humane, lady from Bahrain Strays, doing what generals counsel against, "don't divide your forces.
Although he was not asked for advice, Donohue's press release noted that he would "counsel against" the AU-Satanist "coalition," as he described it.
The Third DCA had found the Florida rules inadequate and said the federal approach that "balances a party's right to select his or her own counsel against a client's right to the undivided loyalty of his or her counsel" was a better standard in matters stemming from class action cases.
If you haven't seen last Sunday's zebra crossing prank yet, I am about to suggest something I would normally counsel against at all costs: Pay a visit to ITV Player.
NetApp has been using analytics software that allows us to benchmark outside counsel against our own set of firms and firms providing similar services, revealing where they stand in terms of value alignment.
Two defeats to Cardiff and Scarlets in Cork last season and Edinburgh's 34-23 round one loss to Munster at Thomond Park also counsel against expecting a total home stroll.
Having experienced heart problems during his time as manager of Liverpool, he accepts he may have to follow doctors' advice if they counsel against a return to the dugout but would have liked to continue at the midlands club when fit again.
1013 (2009), held that federal courts cannot fashion a Bivens action when "special factors" counsel against doing so, determining that the "danger of obstructing U.S.