couldn't care less

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couldn't care less

Does not care about something at all. Fine, I couldn't care less what you do! Good riddance! You're going out with my ex-boyfriend? Great. I couldn't care less.
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couldn't care less

Also, could care less. Be completely indifferent. For example, Pick whatever dessert you want; I couldn't care less, or I could care less about the editor's opinion . This expression originated about 1940 in Britain and for a time invariably used couldn't. About 1960 could was occasionally substituted, and today both versions are used with approximately equal frequency, despite their being antonyms.
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couldn’t care ˈless

(informal) used to say, often rudely, that you are not at all interested in or concerned about something: I couldn’t care less if I fail my exams — I don’t want to go to college anyway.
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couldn't care less, he/I/she

It doesn’t matter one bit; describing total indifference. The term originated in Great Britain, probably in the late 1930s, and was very popular by the 1940s. It not only expressed bored indifference but, during World War II, bravado. An informal history of civilian ferry pilots during the war by Anthony Phelps was entitled I Couldn’t Care Less (1946). In the mid-1960s the term was unaccountably changed by some Americans to I could care less, possibly influenced by the locution I should care, also meaning “I don’t care.” It, too, is now a cliché. Another variation recorded by Eric Partridge was I couldn’t care fewer, which, however, was short-lived.
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So Ryan Giggs asks for an injunction to prevent the stories becoming public knowledge when most of us couldn't care less.
And McHale revealed: "That fight with PJ delighted the fans and the critics , but I really couldn't care less because the bottom line is I lost.
THE President's lyrics, says the Countryside Alliance, cut to the very heart of the hunting debate: ``The Hunt Saboteurs Know nothing about country life They just love to fuss and fight So don't believe the hype, that's right They couldn't care less about you and me And if the farmers couldn't feed the society wouldn't eat You see it's all a part of God's plan Who do you think was appointed the Gatekeeper of the Countryside land?
Your friend probably couldn't care less, so why should you?
Personally I couldn't care less what any of them do as long as some other mug is foolish enough to foot the bill - and not the British taxpayer.
Now I couldn't care less as long as I can see out of both my eyes one day.
Minter, a grande dame of the pharmacopoeia; the post-Hollywood quotidian of Greta Garbo, who stayed home in cashmere disguise, giving the impression she couldn't care less that she ever had a public.
When 70 minutes was blown, you couldn't care less as long as you're a point up.
I'm not sure what is desperate I'm not sure what is true I do know that I couldn't care less I really don't know about you
They just hate being invaded and occupied, raped and pillaged and having to live under dictators loyal to us who couldn't care less about them.
But the Offaly native couldn't care less about revenge as Limerick await the winners in a promotion/relegation play-off crunch.
Now that he's laughing all the way to the end of his contract, it seems Sven couldn't care less who he puts out for England any more.
I honestly think that in that kind of an extreme situation, they couldn't care less about your sexual orientation.
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